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Playing for the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion - Youth Football Tournament played by teams from the two shores of the Adriatic Sea

Sport, dialogue among different cultures, education to peace and citizenship.

The players come from Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Senigallia, Cesena, Split. The first round of the tournament will be held in Ancona (August 30th and 31st), the second one in Split (September 21st). The ultimate goals are: strengthening the friendship ...

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Conference with Francesca Ghirardelli, author of “Solo la luna ci ha visti passare” (Publishing company, Mondadori)

Introduction by Eduardo Barberis, immigration sociologist – University of Urbino.

From Syria to Netherlands, this is Maxima’s travel, a 14 years old Kurdish Syrian. Between July and August 2015, she has walked the «Balkan route» in search of a new life in Europe. In her moving story, curated by Francesca Ghirardelli, Maxima evoca...

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Curated by Voyagerlab, sound designer: Fabio Abeti.
From 18:30 to 22:00.

Giving new resonance and vibration to the ruins in the ancient Roman port of Ancona and to the sounds buried by Time…the sounds of handicraft shops, of voices, of the sea and of its animals, of its noises; its PHONOSFERA…the sound of a community deve...

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Ooh! Cosa

Curated by Legatoria Librare and Francesca Tilio.

Last year it was a picture, or a music, or a sentence. This year you will be asked to take a picture of something you want to throw away and to send it to You want to throw it away because it is a bad thing, it annoys you, it remi...

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“Islam and right to sexuality”. Conference with the imam Ludovic Mohamed Zahed and Flavio Romani, National President of Arcigay

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world

Curated by Le Marche Region Ombudsman and the Regional Legislative Assembly with the contribution of Leila Ben Salah.
Moderated by Leila Ben Salah, journalist.

Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, of French-Algerian origins, is a homosexual imam of Paris. The imam preaches a new view of inclusive Islam, characterized by equality of rights and dignity for everyone: a real revolution for Islam. His mosque in Paris has bee...

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Zastava Orkestar in concert

Diego Rossi - sax baritone; Graziano Barbi - tenor sax; Gabriele Barbi - trombone; Matteo Sclavi - bass drum; Alessandro Chiavoni - snare drum, percussions; Andrea Radi - percussions; Giulio Barbi - trumpet and front man; Simone Bocci - trumpet; Piero Bronzi - sax contralto; Camilla Florita - sax soprano; Federica Ceccherini - clarinet

From Maremma to Balkans: Zastava Orkestar travel is made of popular music, acoustic instruments, live music to dance crazily, improvised acting, jugglery. An ideal performance for street parties, in which spectators and artists build the show togeth...

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Matteo Tacconi and Ignacio Coccia “Mare Corto”

With the participation of Barbara Gruden, Tg3 envoy for foreign affairs.

Mare Corto is a long-term project of Maria Coccia and Matteo Tacconi to talk about the Adriatic Sea using words, images and sounds truly and intensively. The Adriatic Sea is a Mediterranean miniature: the coasts of Italy, of former Yugoslavia and of...

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Cinema projection in collaboration with Terra di Tutti Film Festival - “Focus Siria”

Selection of documentaries from Terra di Tutti Film Festival. The Festival, promoted by GVC Bologna, focuses every year on a different social issue from the South of the world and sheds light on forgotten conflicts, fights for human rights and protection of natural resources.

> Chemical Weapons: Made In Europe
> Syrian Edge
> Une Histoire Syrienne

Chemical Weapons: Made In Europe Jean-Baptiste Renaud | France | 2015 | 52’ From Syria to Bahrain, the illegal use of chemical weapons is a tragic matter of fact with a common element: the chemical products used are from Europe. Jean-Baptiste Ren...

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Duo Baba Sissoko & Antonello Salis

Baba Sissoko - tamani, n’goni, voice; Antonello Salis - piano, accordion, keyboards

Unreleased and telluric encounter of two among the most vivid musicians of international jazz, for a concert with “no networks”, where African traditional rhythms and jazz improvisations are blended in a fireworks show full of creative energy. Baba ...

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Claus Boesser Ferrari - Heiko Plank

Concerts at the Art Gallery: experimental guitars

Claus Boesser Ferrari - guitar; Heiko Plank - plank guitar
Music by Boesser-Ferrari and Plank

Two central European guitarists in concert, focusing on the South, on the Mediterranean. Claus Boesser Ferrari manages to blend a unique set of influences, from melodic music to percussion techniques, a versatility that brought him to arrange great ...

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Montoya DJ Set

In collaboration with Arci.

Jhon William Castaño Montoya is a young musician who ranges from violin to electronic music. When he plays, he finds an equilibrium between the computer bits of the mixer and the rigorous contemporary classic compositions. Here human voices are ble...