Cinema projection in collaboration with Terra di Tutti Film Festival - “Focus Siria”

Selection of documentaries from Terra di Tutti Film Festival. The Festival, promoted by GVC Bologna, focuses every year on a different social issue from the South of the world and sheds light on forgotten conflicts, fights for human rights and protection of natural resources.

> Chemical Weapons: Made In Europe
> Syrian Edge
> Une Histoire Syrienne

Chemical Weapons: Made In Europe
Jean-Baptiste Renaud | France | 2015 | 52’
From Syria to Bahrain, the illegal use of chemical weapons is a tragic matter of fact with a common element: the chemical products used are from Europe. Jean-Baptiste Renaud is an inquiry reporter; he was born in France and he has directed many documentaries for the biggest French television channels.

Syrian Edge
J. Martin Baigorria, Lisa Tormena | Italy, Lebanon | 2015 | 20’
They are 1,2 million the Syrian refugees officially registered in Lebanon, but the ones who escape from the war are many more. The documentary tells the stories of who was forced to leave their land and of the Lebanese host communities. Juan Martín Baigorria was born in Argentina in 1977 and lives in Bologna, where he works as a documentary maker and photographer. Lisa Tormena was born in 1980; she is journalist and documentary maker.

Une Histoire Syrienne
Samer Beyhum | Canada | 2014 | 13’
Jessica is a freelancer photographer. She is a member of 99%Media who decided to leave Montreal to go to Syria, its country of origin, to make a documentary about the ongoing conflict. Samer Beyhum was born in Beirut, Lebanon; she is director and activist. Since 2008, she has lived and worked in Montreal, Quebec.

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