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Presentation of the book “Dalla mia casa non si vedeva il mare” Maura Maioli (Publishing company Italic Pequod)

Introduction by Antonio Luccarini, philosopher.

Dora has decided to gather all her grandchildren for a lunch in the old house that once belonged to her family. She is trying to settle everything down with her life and to repair the mistakes she made. The grandchildren have to deal with the return ...

Participation fee € 15,00

Transform your old t-shirt in a Balkan style item

In collaboration with Weekendoit

Cost per participant: € 15,00
Maximum number of participants: 8
Info & reservation:

Needlework and creative recycling workshop: transform a simple man solid colour t-shirt in a Balkan style summer top. Just take with you a man solid colour cotton t-shirt sized extra-large. If you have it, take a sewing kit with needle and brooches....

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Conference with Mimmo Sammartino, protagonist of “Un canto clandestino” and author of “Il paese dei segreti addii” (Hacca Edizioni)

Mimmo Sammartino, protagonist of “Un canto clandestino”, a show scheduled at 21.30 in the Mole Vanvitelliana, meets the audience for a dialogue about immigration and the daily tragedies of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

The author will take the chance to present his last book “Il paese dei segreti addii”....

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“Con gli occhi dell’inviato”. Conference with Amedeo Ricucci

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world

Curated by Le Marche Region Ombudsman and the Regional Legislative Assembly.
Introduction by Pierfrancesco Curzi, journalist.

The critical areas of the Mediterranean and the Middle East told in first person by the envoys on site. The frank language of Amedeo Ricucci and Pierfrancesco Curzi, respectively special envoy of RAI and freelance journalist, will take us beyond the ...

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Presentation “Mediterraneo. 500 esperienze e luoghi da non perdere” (EDT - Lonely Planet)

Presentation by the authors Silvia Castelli and Giacomo Bassi, participantion of Paolo Marasca - City Councillor for Tourism.
Introduction by Ludovico Scortichini, tourism manager.

In a moment in which the idea of Mediterranean is associated to suffering, this book represents a proposal and an occasion to look beyond the political boarders: 500 destinations and activities selected by the Lonely Planet authors over the 22 countr...

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Curated by Voyagerlab, sound designer: Fabio Abeti.
From 18:30 to 22:00.

Giving new resonance and vibration to the ruins in the ancient Roman port of Ancona and to the sounds buried by Time…the sounds of handicraft shops, of voices, of the sea and of its animals, of its noises; its PHONOSFERA…the sound of a community deve...

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Uaragniaun with Daniele Di Bonaventura in concert - Sounds and dances from Puglia

Maria Moramarco - voice, guitar; Luigi Bolognese - guitar, mandoloncello; Silvio Teot - percussions, voice; Filippo Giordano - violin, viola; Nico Berardi - zampogna (bagpipe), quena, charango; Michele Bolognese - mandolin, tammorre; Nanni Teot - trumpet, saxhorn
Daniele Di Bonaventura - bandoneon

Uaragniaun is a music project to narrate the ancestral stories, the miseries and the nobilities of the “cafoni all’inferno” (oafs in hell): men, beasts and heroes of the rural tradition of Puglia. Songs, tarantella, tammuriata, work songs become a ne...

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Conference with Valerio Calzolaio, author of “Libertà di migrare” (Publishing company, Einaudi)

Introduction by Andrea Bellardinelli, Emergency - Italian Program responsible

Valerio Calzolaio has always been dealing with environmental issues and with the upheavals caused by the big changes of the ecosystem, especially the migrations. His book is right about exoduses; written together with the philosopher Telmo Pievani, “...

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Projection of “Napolislam”

Ernesto Pagano | Italy | 2015 | 75’

Napolislam is a movie about ten persons’ lives from Naples who decided to convert to Islam. The documentary – made after the terror attacks of Paris in 2015 – has been shown only in some Italian cinemas; on November 25th, it should have been shown in...

Entrance cost: € 5,00

Mimmo Sammartino - “Un canto clandestino”

Mimmo Sammartino - lyrics and voice; Valerio Sammartino – percussions; Bartolo Telesca – guitar; Giovanna D’Amato – cello; Giovanni Montecalvo - piano

“Canto Clandestino" is taken from “Un canto clandestino salva dall’abisso” by Mimmo Sammartino, journalist and writer, and it is a lyrical transfiguration of real facts. It is a secular prayer, a choral mourning for the tragedy occurred and still oc...

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Lino De Venuto & Real Duo: “La valigia magica” - Thoughts, music and verses

Concerts at the Art Gallery

Lino De Venuto - narrating voice; Luciano Damiani - mandolin; Michele Libraro - guitar
Music by Dyens, Cardoso, Pujol.

Music and readings combined to create a travel through the whole Mediterranean basin, from the Gulf of Naples to Spain. The mandolin, the guitar and the narrating voice want to capture atmospheres, sounds and suggestions of different spots of the Med...