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Babbutzi Orkestar in concert

Gabriele Roccato - voice; Mariella Sanvito - violin; Luca Butturini - guitar; Ivan Lo Giusto - bass; Massimo Pirdda - trombone; Andrea Migliarini - drum; Daniele Di Marco - accordion

Balkan rhythms will mix with rock and punk sound in the Balkan Sexy Music of Babbutzi Orkestar. The band, born in 2007, has evolved from the tradition of Balkan music, in search of a personal style identifiable inside the Balkan beat: a new powerful...

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Duo Nova - Sollini

Concerts at the Gallery: Ancient and contemporary France

Giuseppe Nova - flute; Marco Sollini - piano
Music by Schubert, Donizetti, Sollini, Poulenc.

Giuseppe Nova and Marco Sollini’s sound will draw a very coloured program, in which the flute emerges with its vivid sonorities blended with the strong timbre of the piano. Donizetti, Schubert, Sollini, Piazzolla and Poulenc are part of the proposal...

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Uaragniaun with Daniele Di Bonaventura in concert - Sounds and dances from Puglia

Maria Moramarco - voice, guitar; Luigi Bolognese - guitar, mandoloncello; Silvio Teot - percussions, voice; Filippo Giordano - violin, viola; Nico Berardi - zampogna (bagpipe), quena, charango; Michele Bolognese - mandolin, tammorre; Nanni Teot - trumpet, saxhorn
Daniele Di Bonaventura - bandoneon

Uaragniaun is a music project to narrate the ancestral stories, the miseries and the nobilities of the “cafoni all’inferno” (oafs in hell): men, beasts and heroes of the rural tradition of Puglia. Songs, tarantella, tammuriata, work songs become a ne...

Entrance cost: € 5,00

Mimmo Sammartino - “Un canto clandestino”

Mimmo Sammartino - lyrics and voice; Valerio Sammartino – percussions; Bartolo Telesca – guitar; Giovanna D’Amato – cello; Giovanni Montecalvo - piano

“Canto Clandestino" is taken from “Un canto clandestino salva dall’abisso” by Mimmo Sammartino, journalist and writer, and it is a lyrical transfiguration of real facts. It is a secular prayer, a choral mourning for the tragedy occurred and still oc...

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Lino De Venuto & Real Duo: “La valigia magica” - Thoughts, music and verses

Concerts at the Art Gallery

Lino De Venuto - narrating voice; Luciano Damiani - mandolin; Michele Libraro - guitar
Music by Dyens, Cardoso, Pujol.

Music and readings combined to create a travel through the whole Mediterranean basin, from the Gulf of Naples to Spain. The mandolin, the guitar and the narrating voice want to capture atmospheres, sounds and suggestions of different spots of the Med...

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Zastava Orkestar in concert

Diego Rossi - sax baritone; Graziano Barbi - tenor sax; Gabriele Barbi - trombone; Matteo Sclavi - bass drum; Alessandro Chiavoni - snare drum, percussions; Andrea Radi - percussions; Giulio Barbi - trumpet and front man; Simone Bocci - trumpet; Piero Bronzi - sax contralto; Camilla Florita - sax soprano; Federica Ceccherini - clarinet

From Maremma to Balkans: Zastava Orkestar travel is made of popular music, acoustic instruments, live music to dance crazily, improvised acting, jugglery. An ideal performance for street parties, in which spectators and artists build the show togeth...

Entrance cost: € 5,00

Duo Baba Sissoko & Antonello Salis

Baba Sissoko - tamani, n’goni, voice; Antonello Salis - piano, accordion, keyboards

Unreleased and telluric encounter of two among the most vivid musicians of international jazz, for a concert with “no networks”, where African traditional rhythms and jazz improvisations are blended in a fireworks show full of creative energy. Baba ...

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Claus Boesser Ferrari - Heiko Plank

Concerts at the Art Gallery: experimental guitars

Claus Boesser Ferrari - guitar; Heiko Plank - plank guitar
Music by Boesser-Ferrari and Plank

Two central European guitarists in concert, focusing on the South, on the Mediterranean. Claus Boesser Ferrari manages to blend a unique set of influences, from melodic music to percussion techniques, a versatility that brought him to arrange great ...