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Playing for the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion - Youth Football Tournament played by teams from the two shores of the Adriatic Sea

Sport, dialogue among different cultures, education to peace and citizenship.

The players come from Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Senigallia, Cesena, Split. The first round of the tournament will be held in Ancona (August 30th and 31st), the second one in Split (September 21st). The ultimate goals are: strengthening the friendship ...

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Conference with Nicola Gobbi and Jacopo Frey, authors of “In fondo alla speranza. Ipotesi su Alex Langer” (Comma 22)

Moderated by Giorgio Marchetti, environmentalist.

Alexander Langer, founder of the Italian Green Party (Verdi), was an unquiet and controversial man; he has always longed to create a dialogue between the “North and the South of the world”, between the rich and poor countries. He was a pacifist in a ...

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Curated by Voyagerlab, sound designer: Fabio Abeti.
From 18:30 to 22:00.

Giving new resonance and vibration to the ruins in the ancient Roman port of Ancona and to the sounds buried by Time…the sounds of handicraft shops, of voices, of the sea and of its animals, of its noises; its PHONOSFERA…the sound of a community deve...

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“Religions and Democracy. The right to secularism”. Conference with Paolo Flores D’Arcais and Izzedin Elzir.

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world

Curated by Le Marche Region Ombudsman and the Regional Legislative Assembly.
Moderated by Giancarlo Galeazzi, President of Italian Philosophy Society of Ancona.

Paolo Flores D’Arcais, philosopher and director of the journal Micromega, in his last book “La guerra del sacro. Terrorismo, laicità e democrazia radicale” (The war of the sacred. Terrorism, secularism and radical democracy) analyses the public relig...

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Newpoli in concert “Sounds and colours from Campania”

Carmen Marsico - voice, castanets and dance; Angela Rossi - voice, castanets and dance; Davide Roberto - percussions and voice; Björn Wennås - classic guitar, guitar swing, mandola, voice; Roberto Cassan - accordion, frame drum; Gianluca Zammarella - mandola, shawm, zampogna (bagpipe); Jeff McAuliffe - bass

Standing still is impossible at this concert; the ancestral rhythms of the southern music mix up with the sounds of different areas of the Mediterranean in a frenetic dance. Newpoli concerts are like a hurricane, full of rhythm and dance; they trans...

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“Partire, forse arrivare: popolazioni in fuga sulla rotta balcanica” (To leave, to arrive maybe; peoples escaping in the Balkan route)

With Loris De Filippi, President of MSF Italy, Stefano Galieni, Vice President ADIF – Association Rights and Borders, Stefano Lusa, journalist Radio Capodistria.
Moderated by Giuseppe Di Paola, Adriatic Ionian Initiative.

Escaping from Syria and from the zones of conflict to reach closed borders, walls, refugee camps, mud and cold. That’s what the Balkan route is, from Greece through the countries of former Yugoslavia to reach the borders of Schengen. It is the most...

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Cinema projection in collaboration with Terra di Tutti Film Festival - “Spazio DOC”

Selection of documentaries from Terra di Tutti Film Festival. The Festival, promoted by GVC Bologna, focuses every year on a different social issue from the South of the world and sheds light on forgotten conflicts, fights for human rights and protection of natural resources.

> The Stones Cry Out
> Miles To Go Before I Sleep
> Dargah “Sulla soglia” (Unscheduled)

The Stones Cry Out Yasmine Perni | Italy, Palestine | 2013 | 55’ The little known question of Christian Palestinians, who played a fundamental role in the history of their country and in the fight to preserve their own identity. Yasmine Perni w...

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Peppe Barra

Paolo Del Vecchio - guitar, mandolin; Luca Urciuolo - piano, accordion; Ivan Lacagnina - percussions; Sasà Pelosi - bass; Giorgio Mellone - cello

Peppe Barra personifies the most authentic and deepest meaning of the city of Naples: popular tradition and high culture intertwine, recalling the past and contemporary sounds that are compressed in the perfect versatility of the singer and actor. A...

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Duo Zamuner - Napolioni

Concerts at the Art Gallery: Naples and the sea

Emilia Zamuner - voice; Alberto Napolioni - piano
Recital of songs from Naples.

An itinerary through the sea of Naples, source of inspiration for artists, poets and musicians. The protagonists are the very young but renowned voice of Emilia Zamuner, this year’s winner of the prestigious Massimo Urbani prize for jazz soloist, an...