Ooh! Cosa

Curated by Legatoria Librare and Francesca Tilio.

Last year it was a picture, or a music, or a sentence. This year you will be asked to take a picture of something you want to throw away and to send it to oohcosa@gmail.com.
You want to throw it away because it is a bad thing, it annoys you, it reminds you of somebody or something you would like to forget, somebody or something not representing you anymore; you want to throw it away because it is damaged, because it hurts you, because it keeps on tempting you: take a picture before you throw it away.
We will try to give it a new meaning and a new life, like a castaway who throws a message in a bottle into the sea to look for help.
Idea and final manipulation by Stefania Giuliani and Francesca Tilio.

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