“Islam and right to sexuality”. Conference with the imam Ludovic Mohamed Zahed and Flavio Romani, National President of Arcigay

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world

Curated by Le Marche Region Ombudsman and the Regional Legislative Assembly with the contribution of Leila Ben Salah.
Moderated by Leila Ben Salah, journalist.

Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, of French-Algerian origins, is a homosexual imam of Paris. The imam preaches a new view of inclusive Islam, characterized by equality of rights and dignity for everyone: a real revolution for Islam.
His mosque in Paris has been the first in Europe to open the door to homosexuals and new families. It is the destination of homosexual couples from the whole continent, from Africa to the Middle East.
The imam will dialogue with Flavio Romani, National President of Arcigay, to give the public a clear view of the right to sexuality in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin.

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