Playing for the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion - Youth Football Tournament played by teams from the two shores of the Adriatic Sea

Sport, dialogue among different cultures, education to peace and citizenship.

The players come from Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Senigallia, Cesena, Split.
The first round of the tournament will be held in Ancona (August 30th and 31st), the second one in Split (September 21st).
The ultimate goals are: strengthening the friendship among the communities, renovating the commitment to build bridges of solidarity, talking about peace, dialoguing among different cultures, protecting the environment of the Adriatic and Mediterranean area which is becoming a privileged place for dialogue, research, peoples integration. More than 120 boys and girls, in the name of sport, will approach and get to know the neighbour countries and the distant ones, the beauty, the differences, the historical roots, the common aspirations and a fairer world.
Every year a new theme: this year the central idea will be internet, social networks and the endless possibilities provided by the modern technologies to create a community of peoples and cultures united in their sea.


07.30 - Delegations arrival and visit to the Omero Tactile Museum

15.00 - Sport ground of Aspio and Dorico stadium – Beginning of the tournament

21.00 - Ancient port, at the Arch of Trajan – Reflections upon peace, seas that unify peoples and dance show

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