Presentation “Mediterraneo. 500 esperienze e luoghi da non perdere” (EDT - Lonely Planet)

Presentation by the authors Silvia Castelli and Giacomo Bassi, participantion of Paolo Marasca - City Councillor for Tourism.
Introduction by Ludovico Scortichini, tourism manager.

In a moment in which the idea of Mediterranean is associated to suffering, this book represents a proposal and an occasion to look beyond the political boarders: 500 destinations and activities selected by the Lonely Planet authors over the 22 countries of the Mediterranean basin.
Easy paths and breathtaking tracks, long served beaches and small hidden bays, wild islands and luxury resorts, deserts and rivers, modern metropolis and remote villages, from the Rock of Gibraltar to Suez Canal, from Trieste to Tripoli.

Giacomo Bassi was born in Sardinia in 1980. He moved to Barcelona to work for Lonely Planet, where he contributed to write the guide of Milan and Lombardia. He is the author of the guide of Le Marche.

Silvia Castelli has been part of the EDT staff since 1998. She works for this publishing company in Turin and she has always written for Lonely Planet. Since 2006, she is coordinator of the Lonely Planet guides production in Italian language.

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