“Con gli occhi dell’inviato”. Conference with Amedeo Ricucci

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world

Curated by Le Marche Region Ombudsman and the Regional Legislative Assembly.
Introduction by Pierfrancesco Curzi, journalist.

The critical areas of the Mediterranean and the Middle East told in first person by the envoys on site. The frank language of Amedeo Ricucci and Pierfrancesco Curzi, respectively special envoy of RAI and freelance journalist, will take us beyond the stereotypes and the misleading versions created by both the IS and the authoritarian regimes governing the countries in the Middle East, the rebels factions and the “allied” States. An occasion to end up with the misleading language of wars and conflicts, getting to know the real and current situation through the experiences lived by the envoys.

Amedeo Ricucci is special envoy of RAI, for which he has worked on the most important conflicts in the last 20 years; in 2013 he was kidnapped in Syria for 11 day by a pro-IS faction.

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