Babbutzi Orkestar in concert

Gabriele Roccato - voice; Mariella Sanvito - violin; Luca Butturini - guitar; Ivan Lo Giusto - bass; Massimo Pirdda - trombone; Andrea Migliarini - drum; Daniele Di Marco - accordion

Balkan rhythms will mix with rock and punk sound in the Balkan Sexy Music of Babbutzi Orkestar.
The band, born in 2007, has evolved from the tradition of Balkan music, in search of a personal style identifiable inside the Balkan beat: a new powerful and captivating dream is the main feature of the band’s live concerts, seasoned with electronic carpets, frenetic fanfares and guitars that range from surf to popular folk-punk.
This sound made many people dance in international festivals of this genre.

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