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Marina Mulopulos “Distichòs”

Marina Mulopulos - voice; Paolo Del Vecchio - guitar, bouzuki; David Dainelli - bass; Matteo Scarpettini - percussions

A body. A voice. A beat: an Italian-Greek singer who has worked for many years experimenting voice as an instrument, Marina Mulopulos. She is an eccentric artist, set designer, actress, pedagogical expert in Fine Arts with a natural inclination for ...

Entrance cost: € 10,00

Peppe Barra

Paolo Del Vecchio - guitar, mandolin; Luca Urciuolo - piano, accordion; Ivan Lacagnina - percussions; Sasà Pelosi - bass; Giorgio Mellone - cello

Peppe Barra personifies the most authentic and deepest meaning of the city of Naples: popular tradition and high culture intertwine, recalling the past and contemporary sounds that are compressed in the perfect versatility of the singer and actor. A...