Adriatico Mediterraneo 2016 | 10th edition

Edoardo and Eugenio Bennato are back to the Mole Vanvitelliana to celebrate the 10th edition of the Festival. The Adriatico Mediterraneo 2016 award, in memory of Giulio Regeni.

Adriatico Mediterraneo celebrates its 10th anniversary opting for Italian and international music of good quality and for a broad range of distinguished guests, in order to delve into the present situation of the Mediterranean area.

From August 27th to September 3rd, Ancona will host concerts, conferences and performances everyday that will turn on the streets from the Mole Vanvitelliana to the Arch of Trajan.

Adriatico Mediterraneo prize 2016

The 2016 Festival will be inaugurated by the Adriatico Mediterraneo prize award, which is particularly significant in this 10th edition: the prize is in memory of Giulio Regeni, the researcher killed in Egypt between January and February of this year. The prize will be handed to Giulio Regeni’s parents. “Awarding the prize in his memory means one thing in particular: to continue to ask strongly for truth and justice for Giulio Regeni” the artistic Director of Adriatico Mediterraneo, Giovanni Seneca, said. “The killing of Giulio Regeni, the brutality of the act, the lies of the Egyptian authorities and their attempts to throw the investigations off the track, have given resonance to the respect of human rights not only in Egypt but in the whole Mediterranean basin. For a Festival like Adriatico Mediterraneo, which has always been stressing these issues, it is absolutely natural to stand by those who are asking for the truth (first of all Giulio’s parents) and to demand that human rights become an essential pillar in the future of this area”. The prize will be handed to Giulio’s parents, Paola and Claudio Regeni, and the family lawyer Alessandra Ballerini. A public debate will follow.

Concerts at Mole Vanvitelliana and Arch of Trajan: Edoardo and Eugenio Bennato duo

The concerts of Adriatico Mediterraneo 2016 are unique appointments of international importance. Especially the ending concert of the Festival will be a unique occasion in Italy to see on the stage for the first time Edoardo and Eugenio Bennato playing together: a night in which the Mole Vanvitelliana will acquire the colours of Naples. “For this 10th edition we have managed to organize on purpose an extraordinary encounter between two souls of the Naples music culture: Edoardo and Eugenio hadn’t played on the stage together for a long time, and the concert of September 3rd at the Mole Vanvitelliana will be a unique opportunity to listen to these two great voices, different from each other but both supreme in the Naples and Mediterranean scenario” Giovanni Seneca said.
The inaugural concert of August 27th will see on the stage the Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra, a group from the Capital of Cataluña composed by musicians from different countries, reproducing and evoking Balkan and Klezmer sounds. On August 28th, the protagonist will be one of the major flamenco artists of the world: Antonio Fernández Montoya “Farruco”. He has been model for Vogue, he has danced for Madonna and he was a point of reference for Paco de Lucía. This will be his only Italian appointment.
On August 29th, the stage of the Mole Vanvitelliana will give you “Un canto clandestino”, a musical representation of the tragedy of migrants who cross the Mediterranean: voices and sounds based on the lyrics of the Premio Strega (Strega Prize) finalist Mimmo Sammartino.
A jazz without frontiers is the appointment for August 30th with Baba Sissoko, from Mali, and Antonello Salis, from Sardinia; they will blend African rhythms and jazz sounds in a fireworks show.
August 31st concert of Peppe Barra will be dedicated to Naples, to its stories and melodies.
On September 1st, a great Italian actress, Pamela Villoresi, will tell of Gioacchino Rossini’s life and music.
On September 2nd, the last but one event at the Mole Vanvitelliana will be the only Italian appointment with Mostar Sevdah Reunion, a real pearl of Balkan music and among the major international artists of Bosnian traditional music.
As usual, all the concerts at the “happy hour time” will be at the Arch of Trajan. The protagonists of this year will be musicians from southern Italy and from the Balkans, while every night you will enjoy classic music and listen to famous or emerging artists.

The meetings

The conferences scheduled this edition of Adriatico Mediterraneo will give you an opportunity to know personally protagonists, journalists and analysts of the Mediterranean area of this time. Domenico Quirico, envoy of La Stampa and Pierfrancesco Curzi, special envoy of RAI, will be in Ancona to tell of their Middle East experience, respectively on August 28th and August 29th. The cycle of conferences “Diritti e Rovesci”, organized thanks to the collaboration of Le Marche Region Protector of Human Rights (Ombudsman), is of particular interest. The cycle will rely on the participation on August 29th of Ernesto Pagano, the director of Napolislam, on August 30th of Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, a Parisian homosexual imam, on August 31st of Paolo Flores D’Arcais, Director of Micromega, for a conference about secularism and the sense of sacred; on September 1st, a conference will be held by two members of the collective Raqqa is being slaughtered silently, one of the few sources from the area controlled by the IS since 2014.
On September 2nd, Marco Ansaldo, journalist of Repubblica, will give a conference about the freedom of information in Turkey; on September 3rd, the American political analyst Asma Barlas will join the Festival to give a speech about the women’s rights together with Viviana Mazza, a journalist of Corriere della Sera.
Matteo Tacconi and Ignacio Coccia will focus on the Adriatic area, presenting with the journalist Barbara Gruden, from Trieste, their last work “Mare Corto” (August 30th).
Other conferences, exhibitions, analysis concerning the Adriatic and the Balkan area will enrich the program of this 10th edition of the festival.

Macerata Opera Festival and Adriatico Mediterraneo

The summer of 2016 represents the launch of a new collaboration between Adriatico Mediterraneo and Macerata Opera Festival: an exchange of valuable experiences enriching the cultures of both. The agenda Macerata Off contains three readings and the Orchestrina Adriatica concert. On July 24th, the Sferisterio will host the concert of Goran Bregovic and his Wedding & Funeral Orchestra, organized by MOF and AdMed.
Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival has scheduled for September 2nd the representation “Medea. La straniera” (Medea. The stranger), curated by Macerata Opera Festival: a tale made of music and words, legend and fear that generates violence.

Theatre, Workshops, Projections, Dinners...

Besides concerts, conferences and debates, Adriatico Mediterraneo 2016 offers a varied agenda, full of activities: shows, workshops, projections allowing participants to discover places, flavours and traditions of the Adriatic, from Ancona to the Balkan coast, the stories from the South of the world and the most critical areas.

The sea and the marine ecosystem

The marine ecosystem will play the main role during the Festival in two different moments. On September 3rd, you can participate in the traditional liberation of a marine turtle in the bay of Portonovo. On September 2nd, a very important conference will be held and will focus on two topical issues: on one hand, the European projects for the protection of the Adriatic Sea; on the other, the monitoring of the marine turtle released on July 31st during the fest of the ancient port of Ancona. Both appointments are organized in collaboration with Servizio Ambiente e Agricoltura (Environment and Agriculture Office) of the Le Marche Regional Government.

The Adriatico Mediterraneo International Festival 2016 is a project of Adriatico Mediterraneo; co-organized by the Municipality of Ancona

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Regione Marche, DCE Progetto Adriatico, Adriatic Innovative Factory, Autorità Portuale di Ancona, Camera di Commercio di Ancona, Marina Dorica, Segretariato dell’Iniziativa Adriatico Ionica, AMAT, Consiglio Regionale Assemblea Legislativa delle Marche, Ombudsman delle Marche

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