Edoardo & Eugenio Bennato in concert

This date will be the only appointment in Italy

With Edoardo Bennato: Raffaele Lopez - keyboards; Giuseppe Scarpato - guitars; Gennaro Porcelli - guitars; Roberto Perrone - drum; Lorenzo Duenas Perez - bass

With Eugenio Bennato: Ezio Lambiase - guitars; Mujura - guitar and bass; Sonia Totaro - voice and dance; Giustina Gambardella - percussions; Mohammed Ezzaime El Alaoui - voice and viola

The brothers Edoardo and Eugenio Bennato, two major representatives of the Naples and Italian music, will play together on the stage for the first time, an exclusive appointment for Adriatico Mediterraneo.
Each of them with his band, each of them with his songs, on their own and then together again to share music, rhythms and words.

The event has been proposed and prepared by Edoardo and Eugenio on purpose for Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival: a whole concert together for an unprecedented travel with unknown destination.

Edoardo, rock and blues spirit, meets on the stage the sonorities of Eugenio, refined interpreter of popular music from the south of Italy.
Two different styles, two different attitudes, two distant music cultures now embrace each other for a unique night.

The result are the many colours and sounds of Naples, a mix of tradition and innovation difficult to predict. You can’t miss this appointment.
Be sure, it will be a unique and unrepeatable show.

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