Cinema projection in collaboration with Terra di Tutti Film Festival - “Fortress Europa”

Selection of documentaries from Terra di Tutti Film Festival. The Festival, promoted by GVC Bologna, focuses every year on a different social issue from the South of the world and sheds light on forgotten conflicts, fights for human rights and protection of natural resources.

> Terra di Transito (Unscheduled)
> Limbo
> Monte Gourougou

Terra di Transito
Paolo Martino | Italy | 2014 | 54’
As thousands of his peers escaping from the war, Rahell has started a hard travel from the Middle East to Europe without visa and without passport, trying to join his relatives who are living in Sweden. Once he arrives in Italy, he discovers the obstacle that hinders him from reaching his goal, the Dublin Regulation, the law stating that refugees have to remain in the first country of arrival in the European Union. Paolo Martino is 33 years old. He is a cinema director and collaborates with Italian and foreign newspapers; he has studied the migratory routes for years.

Matteo Calore, Gustav Hofer | Italy | 2014 | 56’
A son, a brother or a friend who are suddenly captured and arrested by the police, risking to be expelled from Italy forever for being illegal immigrants. This is the reality for many immigrants confined in the Immigration Detention Centres. Matteo Calore was born in 1983, he worked at the photography for different programs, documentaries for cinema and television. Gustav Hofer has worked since 2001 as a correspondent from Italy for the French-German television channel “Arte”.

Monte Gourougou
Bruno Rocchi | Morocco, Spain | 2015 | 10’
A triple metal net guards the city of Melilla, a Spanish enclave in the territory of Morocco, from illegal immigrants. The documentary sheds light on the desperate conditions of hundreds of Sub-Saharan migrants in the Gourougou Mount, close to the city. Bruno Rocchi was born in Bergamo in 1983. In the last period, he has travelled through the north of Morocco and made documentaries and reportages.

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