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Thursday, 4 september 2014

A3 Apulia Project in concert

MusicDUE TO BAD WEATHER - Teatro La Fenice, Senigallia

Mediterranean from Puglia

Mediterranean from Puglia

Fabio Bagnato (swing guitar - acoustic guitar - Calabrian lyre - voice)
Walter Bagnato (accordion - piano - synt - choirs)
Adalberto Ferrari (clarinets - sax)
Roberto Zanisi (cajon darabouka - congas)
Angelo Verbena (contrabass - electric bass)
Tommaso Summo (drum - effects)
Rossella Di Terlizzi (dance)

The design of the A3 Apulia Project is the brainchild of Fabio Wet, author, composer and guitarist specializing in the study and dissemination of swing guitar, classic instrument of the folk tradition of southern Italy. The project name is borrowed from one of the most famous highway in the South (the Salerno - Reggio Calabria), because, as the A3 highway, the A3 music of Apulia Project acts as connection for an ideal trip in the Mediterranean Sea, always the bearer of new cultures that mingle with the ancient traditions of Southern Italy. The passion for travel and, at the same time, for their own land has always been the main source of inspiration of the A3 Apulia Project. The homeland permeates the music creating an ethno-folk-rock contaminated with different matrices related to popular music, but also to the great Italian singers; to this is added a critical view of current events, which is evident in the texts characterized by a strong air of songwriting. The roots of A3 Apulia Project, therefore, not only are enclosed within the geographical boundary of Puglia, the region of origin of the band, but in every "twin" land, to draw a single region, the Mediterranean, musical fatherland and generous mother with endless stimuli. So the sounds of swing guitar, accordion and tambourine, go to flank more modern sounds, such as the one of the electric bass, of the cajon and the drum. The A3 Apulia Project want to set to music an old story, screeching on the strings of memory, pinching the vein of memories, to walk an ancient road to new horizons.


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