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BACHIR GARECHE by R.Filippetti
FILASTINE by R.Filippetti
HOMESICK by R.Filippetti
HOMESICK by R.Filippetti
HOMESICK by R.Filippetti
KAL by R.Filippetti
RAIZ by R.Filippetti
RAIZ by R.Filippetti
Tahar Ben Jelloun by R.Filippetti
VICENTE AMIGO by R.Filippetti
VICENTE AMIGO by R.Filippetti
VISIONARIA by R.Filippetti
VUNENY by R.Filippetti

Boundaries interlace in this edition of the festival: land boundaries, cultural boundaries, genres boundaries are the supporting theme around which the program of the initiatives revolves.

In 2014 edition Adriatico Mediterraneo moves along with the Macroregione Adriatico Ionica, complying with its evolution and wondering about the driving themes in an Europe looking to South and East, asking questions and seeking answers to the changes in a continuously evolving area.

Intellectuals, musicians, film directors, artists will animate for the eighth year the most significant places in Ancona, since forever East gate, and for the first time also in Senigallia, for centuries a place of connection between cultures. Special attention will be devoted to Bosnia Erzegovina, and, as always, issues linked to the relations between the different sides of the Mediterranean area will be explored. Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival 2014 is cultuiral events, music, theater, meetings, exhibitions, cinema, in an area that more and more wants to rediscover its own vocation to the exchange and the comparison between peoples and cultures.

A festival that wants to be an incentive to reflection on central issues of contemporaneity. Therefore, through Adriatico Mediterraneo 2014 the process of sharing themes and key issues for the future of the area progresses and expands. The goal is to develop a common feeling on the problems that are in common for cultures and peoples of the sea, contributing to make the project of the Macroregione Adriatico Ionica a design really encouraged from the bottom, as well as a development plan for economic cooperation and communal governance.

Therefore, besides artistic event, the festival Adriatico Mediterraneo proves again as an instrument of mutual understanding and social integration, within a dynamic interaction between different cultures which for centuries naturally merge inside the Marche region, its harbors and its sides.

Giovanni Seneca


  • INFOLINE: +39 366 9714362

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