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Day by day > Saturday, august 30
Itinerari connettivi (Connective itineraries)

ExhibitionsRoom Tamburi at Mole Vanvitelliana

Curated by Associazione Gino l’Immortale

The exhibition "Connective Itineraries" is created to draw the attention of the audience on the road of research taken by some Italian artists who have become, on the national stage, a sort of "aesthetic hubs" of the global network. Their artworks are made of stories, ideologies, settings of this era and have the common feature of belonging to the global dimension, the dimension in which all the human relations coexist in a single home called world, where geographic, cultural, space and time boarders are set according to a new perspective.
The artworks create an itinerary around the concept of “connection”, understood at different levels, semantic and philosophic. The digitalization of reality and its transfer into the informatic global network - based on the network of human links - creates new scenarios of living in new dimensions where the contemporary is subject to different declinations and semantic contexts. The goal of this exhibition is to find links, hidden and unexpected or ostensibly clear, in the cultural Babel called Contemporary, because art has the capability to manipulate reality using its conceptual forms to create every time something new and to anticipate the direction of soul. In art, nothing is more real than something else and, most of all, nothing is historically faker than something else.

Nicola Alessandrini, Macerata
Rodrigo Blanco, Ancona
Francesco Colonnelli, Ancona
Allegra Corbo, Ancona
Gruppo Librare (Stefania Giuliani - Hernan Chavar - Lorenzo Bartoletti), Ancona
Gruppo Fu*turista (Iucu, Lele Picà, Alessandro D’AquilaGiammatteo Rona), Pavia
Marco Montenovi, Ancona
Jessica Pelucchini, Ancona
Carlo Ockham Lucifero, Rome

In the exhibition “Connective Itineraries” (23rd of August - 28th of September) we have added a series of conferences concerning art in Le Marche Region during the 70s. The goal is to contextualize the tendencies of contemporary art from the historical point of view, showing that they are actually the result of a recent, flourishing and productive past in our region.

What we firmly believe is that Gino De Dominicis was not born “alone”. In those years in Le Marche, artistic research was spread and shared by several artists who marked the end of a cycle of history, paving the way for the contemporary period.

Our attempt is to rebuild ideas and facts from the point of view of the present, because detachment is the only way to observe reality.

As regards the method, we let artists speak and answer as far as possible the questions posed by experts of other disciplines or by people who shared the overwhelming experience known as avan-garde. On the other hand, some other conferences are focused on the historical and social context in which they were elaborated, and on the philosophical interpretations of contemporary art.

11/9/2014 Valeriano Trubbiani, explaind by Roberto Andreatini (Trubbiani's remarks)
12/9/2014 Il Contemporaneo, explained by Marvi Maroni
18/9/2014 Enzo Cucchi, explained by Carlo Cecchi
19/9/2014 Francesco Colonnelli, explained by Angela Gregorini
25/9/2014 La Storia, explained by Giulio Angelucci
30/9/2014 Stanislao Pacus, explained by Winstonmcnamara

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Andrea Pazienza – Sogno (Dream)

ExhibitionsRoom Lotto at the Courtyard of the Mole Vanvitelliana

Curated by Arci and Fondo Mole Vanvitelliana

Nel cuore del Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo si incastona come una pietra preziosa uno dei lavori più poetici e delicati di Andrea Pazienza: il suo Sogno ambientato sulle coste marchigiane. L’allestimento propone le tavole originali di un artista riconosciuto fra le menti creative più originali e innovative del XX secolo italiano. La breve e intensa opera esposta testimonia il lirismo e l’assoluta grandezza di Pazienza, che torna ad Ancona dopo la grande mostra del 1994 grazie alla disponibilità e alla cura della sorella Mariella e di tutta la famiglia dell’artista.

Open all days from 18:00 to 22:00.
Closed on Monday.

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Andreathespider – U Suck

ExhibitionsRoom Emendabili of the Canalone at Mole Vanvitelliana

Il minuscolo mondo delle super cose (The tiny world of super things)
Curated by Arci and Fondo Mole Vanvitelliana

On makeshift supports and unexpected dimensions, using modern technologies and chromatic techniques of the past, an imaginary universe is created, digging into the man and finding safety only thanks to a powerful, necessary and fierce irony.

Open all days from 18:00 to 22:00.
Closed on Monday.

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Clouds – Visions of Becoming

ExhibitionsRoom Viani at Mole Vanvitelliana

New boarders of painting
Curated by Arci and Fondo Mole Vanvitelliana

The cloud is not stable, it is pushed by the flows from place to place and in these light movements it becomes another substance, a cloud first, then rain, river, sea, fog and cloud again.
Thought, like clouds, is indefinable and endless, according to the postmodernist philosopher Jean-François Lyotard. That's why modern physics, discovering the concept of time and the concept of transformation that time entails, talks about clouds, according to Popper, comparing them to the stillness of classic physics. And today isn't it still the cloud the metaphor of virtual servers in the ether for the filing of our data? This last example is particularly significant for Clouds,that will take advantage of modern technologies of the network and of its dissemination channels.
The project wants to make art socially mobile, to make it move around the places of everyday life (houses, firms, squares, gym, shops, etc.). Moving around these places it will undergo different ways of active use; the exhibition setting will be an active subject as much as the author. The pieces of art will be alive and visible thanks to those who will show them, exhibiting them in their private spaces. Thanks to them, art can complete its function of social ritual.

Clouds originated from the certainty of the great social, collective and cultural value of art and from the need to experiment new ways to enjoy art, directly, personally, and intimately. It is a collection of a number of pieces of art made by different authors on standard formats and materials (40 x 40 cm on paper), and exhibited in spaces and contexts which are different from the ones typically used for this goal.
In fact these artworks, collected in a box, will travel like clouds towards those who wish to receive them. The use of the Internet and of the social networks will be the vehicle of dissemination, documentation and sharing of the project, whose participants can be painters, collectors, art lovers and curious people. Those interested can ask to receive some or all the artworks, in order to exhibit them in their own spaces. In this way, the spectators are not just visitors and users, but active subjects and an integrating part of the project.
At the end of the exhibition, the person who has participated into the project will put the artworks back in the travel box and send it to the next applicant. Thanks to this modality, the artworks will keep on travelling in different places, through people who request them.

Open all days from 18:00 to 22:00.
Closed on Monday

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Opening ceremony and greetings of the authorities

EventsLoggia dei Mercanti

Adriatico Mediterraneo Award ceremony with Gianni Vattimo

Protagonist of the academic, cultural and civil life of the second half of the century, Gianni Vattimo is one of the most influent Italian philosophers at an international level. With a firm social and intellectual commitment, he has always supported the need to protect the extraordinary Euro-mediterranean heritage and to promote a culture based on hospitality and care, with a particular attention on Southern Europe.


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Presentation of the book "Verde Cortina. Dal Muro all'Europa senza frontiere. Viaggio da Lubecca a Trieste”

MeetingsCity Museum

Capponi Editore
Introduces Giuseppe Di Paola

From Lubeck to Trieste. A journey of two thousand kilometers along the borders of the Cold War, between memory, military archeology and environment.
Matteo Tacconi, journalist, follow the Eastern Europe for various newspapers.
Ignacio Maria Coccia, photographer, collaborates with Italian and international newspapers.


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Mediterraneo in Rivolta (Mediterranean in Revolt) - projections

CinemaLoggia dei Mercanti

Documentaries by Terra di Tutti Film Festival
All works are in the original language with subtitles in Italian

A selection of documentaries on social themes and highly topical by Roberto Rinaldi.
Terra di Tutti Film Festival annually presents social documentaries from the south of the world and shines the spotlight on forgotten conflicts, fights for the rights and protection of natural resources.

Istanbul Rising - by Milene Larsson, Turkey 2013, 18'
Friday, May 31, 2013: The Istanbul police use tear gas and spray stinging Gezi Park. Thus began one of the most impressive popular uprising in the history of the Turkish Republic.

TRAsGUARDI in rivoluzione. The voices of the Tunisian women two years after Arab Spring - by Ludovica Alberti, Anna Clementi, Enrica Magoni, Tunisia 2013, 25'
Two years after the start of the Arab Spring, Tunisia, women are the protagonists of the search for a real social change.

The Factory – by Cristina Bocchialini, Ayman El Gazwy, Qatar/Egypt 2012, 47'
A dip in the textile factory in Mahalla, Egypt: here in January 2008, an outbreak of protest that inaugurates the season of struggle that will lead to the ouster of Mubarak.

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Mediterraneo in Rivolta (Mediterranean in Revolt) - projections

CinemaLoggia dei Mercanti

Projections from Balkan Florence Express
All works are in the original language with subtitles in Italian

The Balkan Florence Express is a review of contemporary cinema produced in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania.
The Festival is organized by Oxfam Italia, Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Festival dei Popoli.

Na dolžnosti/On duty  - by Martina Hudorovič, Dženi Rostohar, Cecile Horreau, Slovenia 2010, 15'
The journey of a young rom woman to become first teacher and then cop: the first policewoman admittedly rom in Slovenia.

Presuda/The Verdict – by Djuro Gavran, Croatia 2013, 11'
16 years after the war between Croatia and Serbia, in the main square of Zagreb thousands of people watching live on TV the verdict of the International Criminal Court of The Hague on general Croats accused of war crimes.

Lud Za Tobom/Crazy about you – by Danilo Marunović, Montenegro 2013, 50'
The film follows the lives of residents in a mental institution, the "Komanski Most" in the course of an entire year. You will enter in the different worlds of the protagonists.

Teatar Chaplin tragikomedija u četiri čina/ The Chaplin theater tragicomedy in four parts - by Zoran Krema, Croatia 2012, 74'
Naser Sokolija form the first rom theater company in Europe: a group of actors who travels from the Balkans to London, a place of redemption for young people and a dream come true for Sokolija.

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An encounter with Gianni Vattimo: speech on "Boarders and Reality"

MeetingsCourtyard of the Mole Vanvitelliana

Introduces the prof. Giancarlo Galeazzi (festival exclusive)

Introduces the prof. Giancarlo Galeazzi (festival exclusive)

An evening to reflect and discuss key issues of our times together with one of the greatest Italian philosophers, always capable of unsettling insights and unexpected analysis.
Combining intelligence and sensitivity, polemic and refinement of reasoning, Vattimo faces many issues, not least regarding the meeting and confrontation of cultures.
Gianni Vattimo, for a long time, wonders himself and interrogates public opinion on key issues that pass from the Mediterranean, the first place to which it is to watch a Europe that wants to have a future. How to change the meaning of words such as Borders, Europe, the state? How it changes the role of the same culture and politics in the context of a supranational decisions?
An open discussion on the questions that run through the European and Mediterranean area, including conflicts that seem endless and attempts at dialogue.


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Folks dances

MusicCasa delle Culture, via Vallemiano 46 Ancona

Curated by Musica & Sport


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Heiko Plank in concert

MusicChiesa del Gesù

Mediterrean plank guitar – Between tradition and experimentation

Mediterrean plank guitar – Between tradition and experimentation

The German composer Heiko Plank is one of the most creative guitarrist at European level. Many of his tracks for acoustic guitar, like "Zeitreise (Time Travel)", are famous all over the world.
In 2006 he invents and builds its own personal eight-stringed musical instrument named after him: "Plank guitar". Starting with a classic background, Heiko Plank ranges from contemporary music to improvisation, jazz, and also writes songs for international artists. The "loop live recording related to instant composing" is the distinctive feature of his art.
With his music and his instrument, Heiko Plank performs as solo in several international festivals in Germany, Austria and Spain.


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Kabìla e X-Darawish in concert

MusicCourtyard of the Mole Vanvitelliana

World music Italy-Lebanon-Greece

World music Italy-Lebanon-Greece

Stratos Diamantis – voice, accordion
Enzo Leone – voice, electric guitar
Dimosthenis Tsamis – voice
Emad Shuman – voice
Mirko Speranzi – voice, piano, keyboards
Adriano Checcacci – drums, drum machine, darbuka
Gabriele Polverini – electric and acoustic guitar
Marco Chianucci – basso
Cristiano Rossi – oud, saz, acoustic guitar, darbuka

The Kabìla (Italy/Lebanon), active on the Italian scene since 2008 and returning from the successful tour in Lebanon, and the X-Darawish (Greece/Italy), born in 1997 from a rib of Al Darawish, one of the most important world music formations of the nineties, offer a unique show of its kind. The two groups mingle and alternate on stage, performing a repertoire of two hours of hybrid music, interwoven into Italian, Arabic, greek, along with traditional and electronic instruments, for an artistic journey that ranges from world music to ethno pop.
Kabila and X-Darawish develop a live project that combines the two bands in a musical tale that links Greece, Italy and Lebanon, so it comes a tidal wave of knowledge Mediterranean, which alternate on stage mixing rhythms, languages and musical instruments.


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