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Protagonists > Renata Morresi

Friday, 5 september 2014

The poetry and the music interpret the nature of the sea

MusicChiesa del Gesù

Texts by Renata Morresi - Music by Federico Paolinelli
Music and poetry between sky and sea

Texts by Renata Morresi - Music by Federico Paolinelli
Music and poetry between sky and sea

Federico Paolinelli, piano
Renata Morresi, voice

The piano of Federico Paolinelli and the poetry of Renata Morresi together for a show dedicated entirely to the sea.
The music of Paolinelli is an attempt to go "beyond" and to express feelings and emotions through music, which are part of everyone's life and are difficult to express in any other way. The search of an elsewhere, the out of proportion of freedom, the absence of physical limitations.
These are some of the many elements that make up the flight through the piano of Federico Paolinelli. Who wants to take the updraft of the notes has the chance to live music at a multidimensional level where sea and sky can be confused easily.
The scenario of the poetry of Renata Morresi is for anything metaphysical, but “crostoso assolato, popoloso popolato” (crusted sunny, populous populated), not forgetting the material truth which designates the very human differences and the inhuman injustice (above all: those that affect migrants), and also opened and mysterious to the possibility of other orders and metamorphosis beyond-human. In this space are moving, loose, beings almost interchangeable extremely small, the distant eras, fossils and extraterrestrials, octopuses and turtles, humans “like hair on the body of the case”, and the voice of who writes, floating with them.


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