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Protagonists > Remo Bodei

Tuesday, 2 september 2014

Remo Bodei meet the audience on the topic “Confini e Generazioni”

MeetingsDUE TO BAD WEATHER - Sala Grande of the Teatro delle Muse

Introduces prof. Giancarlo Galeazzi (festival exclusive)

Introduces prof. Giancarlo Galeazzi (festival exclusive)

Unlike the ancient world, where passing the line set by God is considered ybris, an act of arrogance to be punished, modernity means going beyond the limits, it means sailing towards the unknown.
In its spiritual adventures and in the discovery of unknown lands, modern thought has reassessed curiosity.
Even if modernity has not to be seen as an absolute triumph, a pure innovation, a complete turning point from the past, it has evidently challenged many taboo subjects imposed by the tradition, expecially the ones set by the Christian religion.
Modernity has tried to reveal the arcana naturae, the arcana dei and the arcana imperii. The long and accelerated process of globalization has drastically modified the idea of limit. The boarders of State have become less rigid. Civilization that once were distant or indifferent are now interconnected, they meet and they crash. Media, migrations, change the landscape of modernity, transforming reality and the perception of limits. Mental and emotional boarders of the new generations change as well.

An open and stimulating dialogue on most topical issues of modernity, with Remo Bodei, professor of Philosophy at the University of California. After studying thoroughly the German idealism, romanticism, utopia, he started 20 years ago to analyse the theory of passions, of models of consciousness, of problems related to individual and collective identity.


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