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Monday, 1 september 2014

Pequod for AM Festival

MeetingsSpazio Incontri of the Mole Vanvitelliana

Presentation of the books “Uno che dove va non ritorna” by Mario Di Desidero and “Stanno tutti bene” by Pierfrancesco Curzi

Presentation of the books “Uno che dove va non ritorna” by Mario Di Desidero and “Stanno tutti bene” by Pierfrancesco Curzi

Uno che dove va non ritorna
Mario Di Desidero
Novel - publisher «Pequod»
Introduces Valerio Cuccaroni

cover Uno che dove va non ritornaAn unexpected heritage, and the possibility to make a dream come true: living in London. Poulson, a forty years old man in search of answers, bored to death of his life in a small town, doesn't think twice and leaves everything behind to go to London to settle down. But often, the privilege to enjoy our time in absolute freedom is not enough to feel satisfied. That's why other targets, other places and other people become necessary. "Uno che dove va non ritorna" (literally, One doesn't return to the place he was"), is the story of a disillusioned existence that sails, rather floats on the flow of events. Poulson, the protagonist, is not able to go into deep, to truly live his experiences: he wanders as disoriented, with no direction, and never steps back. A long series of encounters and events, brief love stories, paradoxical situations described with sharp irony and several twists in the plot; but also a tragic and comical growth of consciousness, told through an accurate existential and psychological analysis. Is it possible to know whether the events of our lives are caused by the case or by will. The unexpected final is the answer to this question.

Mario Di Desidero was born in Lanciano. He worked as a scriptwriter in the production of movies about music, like Tamburi e Dei (Tambores ed Deuses, Brasil/Germany, 2001) and Palestrina princeps musicae (Palestrina. Fürst der Musik, Germany/Italy, 2010).

Stanno tutti bene.
Zaino in spalla in Rwanda, Uganda e Kenya sulle tracce di conflitti etnici e folli dittatori
Pierfrancesco Curzi
publisher «Pequod»
Introduces Daniele Valeri

cover Stanno tutti beneA guide, a diary, a tale, a documented story of the recent history of the visited countries: Everybody is fine - Backpacker in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya on the track of ethnic conflicts and crazy dictators is all these things.
The faithful reconstruction of a 20 days travel through Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda made 15 years after the genocide that shocked Rwanda. Curzi reiterates day by day this extraordinary adventure (as usual during his travels around the world) in a close contact with people and in search of evidence and stories; he puts together the historical events that led the three countries to be what they are today, after the tragedy that gave the book the ironical and paradoxical title "Everybody is fine". But Curzi also gives food for thought and suggestions for unexplored routes out of the usual schemes and tracks.
The reader will live as a protagonist a new travel in undiscovered paths, coming across characters of fiction, but extremely real at the same time, and finding the way to start a unique experience with a backpack and following the author in his adventure. The novel describes with accurateness every day, alternating historical and political digressions with useful suggestions for travellers on the road.
At the beginning of every paragraph, the reader will find the itinerary of the visited places, a mark of the day and an estimate of the expenses. The book contains some photos that have been taken during the travel.

Pierfrancesco Curzi was born in Ancona 46 years ago. He has worked as a journalist for 22 years, and since 2001 he collaborates with «il Resto del Carlino», and writes reports on «Il Fatto Quotidiano» and «il Manifesto». He has always travelled alone, in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Tunisia, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Senegal, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kurdistan. He has been an international observer during the elections in Guatemala and Nicaragua.


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