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Sunday, 31 august 2014

Sineforma Trio in concert

MusicChiesa del Gesł

Between classic and folklore

Between classic and folklore

Michele Scipioni, clarinet, percussions
Simone Grizi, violin, accordion, guitar
Luca Vitali, acoustic bass

A great variety of instruments for a band "sine forma" (with no shape), a band that acquires the shape of music, of the track and of the musical suggestions: the protagonists are the special instruments of each group and especially the percussions and the accordion.
The project is a sort of line between classic and folkloristic music, two apparently distant genres but actually very similar and joined by their belonging to tradition.
Sineforma Trio presents a repertory of classic authors, jazz, contemporary and traditional Irish music, Greek and klezmer music, enhancing the folkloristic traits in common.


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