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Protagonists > Heiko Plank

Saturday, 30 august 2014

Heiko Plank in concert

MusicChiesa del Gesù

Mediterrean plank guitar – Between tradition and experimentation

Mediterrean plank guitar – Between tradition and experimentation

The German composer Heiko Plank is one of the most creative guitarrist at European level. Many of his tracks for acoustic guitar, like "Zeitreise (Time Travel)", are famous all over the world.
In 2006 he invents and builds its own personal eight-stringed musical instrument named after him: "Plank guitar". Starting with a classic background, Heiko Plank ranges from contemporary music to improvisation, jazz, and also writes songs for international artists. The "loop live recording related to instant composing" is the distinctive feature of his art.
With his music and his instrument, Heiko Plank performs as solo in several international festivals in Germany, Austria and Spain.


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