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Wednesday, 3 september 2014

“Sardinia, the roots of history” by Mario Tozzi and Enzo Favata

MusicLoggia dei Mercanti

Show for narrating voice and music

Show for narrating voice and music

Mario Tozzi - narrating voice
Enzo Favata - saxophones, clarinets live electronics

A scientist of the earth and a musician who has made the music of his homeland, a unique signature style. Mario Tozzi, a geologist known to the general public for his television programs, and Enzo Favata, jazz saxophonist appreciated on the international scene, together they tell the island of Sardinia through the particular point of view of geology, science fascinating and neglected, and the music at the border between past and future.
From this meeting comes a brand new fresco of Sardinia, a movie without images told with words and sounds, in which are shaped archaic landscapes, forgotten myths and scientific research, that reveal to the viewer an ancient geography, buried in the layers of geological and prehistoric eras.


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