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Saturday, 6 september 2014

Incantatori di Tarante in concert

MusicMarina Dorica

Salento's pinches

Salento's pinches

Daniela Bray, ottavino flute, dance
Giuseppe Grassi, accordion
Ilaria Mignoni, violin
Enrico Ambrosio, voice, dance
Sara Pierleoni, voice
Vincenzo Marinucci, oboe, tambourine, guitar

Incantatori di Tarante offer famous pieces of Salento's pinches and original songs of the group, that are characterized by the obsessive and unbridled rhythm of the powerful tambourines, of the guitars, of the harmonica, of the accordion, of the flute and violin, of the warm voices and the overwhelming dance of the dancers of pinches tarantula.
Stars of the show are the skins of the tambourines and percussions, the vibrant pizzicato of the violin, the poignant melodies of the wind, the melancholic harmonies of the guitars, the voices of Salento and the banging feet, dancing naked in contact with the ground, taking from it the same primordial energy that unleashes our passion towards the pinch and the magical ritual of tarantism.
Incantatori di tarante arise as part of the musical group of the University of Urbino, then performing in squares throughout Italy.
Energy, theatrical choreographic and musical culture are the elements that distinguish the group, with the head in Urbino, and the heart in Salento.


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