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Thursday, 4 september 2014

Trasponde with Moni Ovadia & Orchestrina Adriatica

Meetings and MusicDUE TO BAD WEATHER - Teatro La Fenice, Senigallia

Stories and music from both shores of the Adriatic (festival exclusive)

Stories and music from both shores of the Adriatic (festival exclusive)

Moni Ovadia, voice

Orchestrina Adriatica:
Giovanni Seneca, guitars e compositions
Francesco Savoretti, percussions
Gabriele Pesaresi, contrabass
Roberto Lucanero, accordion and melodeon
Antonella Vento, voice
Alen Abdagic, voice

The Adriatic Sea becomes, as in the past, a bridge between its banks, to connect worlds once united politically and culturally. Trasponde is a show based on the intertwining of stories and folk songs of the Adriatic-Mediterranean area and original compositions by Giovanni Seneca, in an intriguing balance between cultural and popular, between classicism and modernity.
The songs have elements in local languages such as Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, Ladino, Turkish and various Italian dialects. It is therefore a multilingual repertoire, in which sometimes the same melody accompanies texts in different languages, sometimes the same song is made of verses in various languages.
The Balkan musical repertoire is intertwined, in Trasponde, to trends in Western European music, with references and quotes that come from different geographical areas and music: from the Balkans to South Italy, from baroque music to the Central European dances.
Particular is also the organic of the Orchestrina Adriatica: instruments that claim their belonging to different peoples and cultures, and recall the sounds buried in our memory.
These instruments, along with the voices, are the protagonists of this aesthetic journey and accompany the listener on a trip through time and cultures, creating a unique and enveloping soundscape.


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