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Wednesday, 3 september 2014

Full Vacuum in concert


Reggae funk and Mediterranean

Reggae funk and Mediterranean

Davide Barca - voice, live paint
Rocco Favi - voice, trumpet, flugelhorn
Alberto Antomarini - percussions, acting
Davide Barucca - percussions
Giulio Sagone - bass
Yuri Bregoli - guitar

Full Vacuum coverFull Vacuum is a musical project whose origin has to be found in the deep space. The concept of the project embraces a sort of psychedelic spirituality, in line with artists like Battiato, Gonjasufim George Clinton, Sun Ra.
The live show is a particularly creative formula, containing a fusion of music and performances of live paint and theatre. Lacking of a real and defined music genre, Full Vacuum generates a sound that floats among vibrations belonging to different genres, from blues to reggae, dub and songwriter music, Latin American and dancehall. The themes are universal, all connected to spirit, reality, love, life and Earth. The exploration of the limitless artistic universe becomes the destination of the travel that brings the listener in a new dimension, without time and space, where differences of culture, countries, categories and individuals don't exist anymore. A travel into the sea of music, made richer by the influences and shades of every harbour achieved.


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