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Tuesday, September 1

We, playing for the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion 2015 – 4th International trophy for young footballers


The event has a chiefly sports and recreational feel. “Us, playing” means that young people want to feel a part of the process in the construction of the Macroregion. They are in play because they go out on the field with all of their strength, passion, with the right preparation, ideals and expectations.


> 15.00   initial round of football tournament at the
  - Stadio Dorico
  - Impianto sportivo Caldaroni Aspio Vecchio di Ancona

> 18.30   end of the first day’s tournament

> 20.00   torchlight procession of the young members of the sporting club of Ancona and the participants of the tournament from the Fornetto of Ancona going towards the park on via Grotte di Posatora with a view of the sea

> 21.00   street style show of the group la Luna Dance Center dedicated to the participants of the tournament at the Parco Belvedere of Posatora

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Booklet 2015


  • Do you want to share with us the experience of the Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo?
    We are looking for volunteers who are willing to collaborate with us from 08.16.
    Send your curriculum vitae to: logistica@adriaticomediterraneo.eu

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