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Day by day > Saturday, august 29
Festa Adriatica
Sounds & Flavors of the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion

Events Arco di Traiano

A party which involves all the senses. An evening made of music and rhythms of the sea, the flavors and scents of the Adriatic and Balkans.

Music of the sea
Four bands that mix and assemble different Adriatic and Balkans traditions, all together to tell about a Sea that joins: Spartiti per Scutari Orkestra, formation which straddles Albania and Italy, between tradition and new compositions; Vrelo which mix Serbian musical tradition and minimalist modernity; Orchestrina Adriatica, made up of musicians from different countries of the area, combining sounds and slangs coming from different cultures that are intertwined in the Mediterranean ports; finally the sound of the Croatian tradition Cinkusi, with significant influences of neo folk, cabaret and punk.

Adriatic’s Kitchens
Three locations around Arco di Traiano, to taste flavors and aromas of the Adriatic coast. Starting in Italy through Balcans till Greece.
Caffč del Teatro / Stockfish: dishes from Marche, Puglia, Albania
Souvlaki Bar: Greek specialties
Cafč Darderi: Balkan patisserie
Festival Internazionale del Brodetto e delle Zuppe di Pesce: Adriatic seafood cuisine

With support of the European Union: Eu.t.er.pe. Project, funded under the Creative Europe project; European Commission D.G. Policy of Neighborhood and enlargement negotiations (NEAR); D.C.E. Adriatic Project; Adriatic Innovative Factory; Refresh! Lo spettacolo delle Marche per le nuove generazioni

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Spartiti per Scutari Orkestra (Albania)

Music Arco di Traiano

directed by Bardh Jakova


Vrelo (Serbia)

Music Arco di Traiano

Nataša Tomic - voice | Stanko Tomic - bass | Zlatko Sakulski - drums, percussions | Marijana Bizumic - voice | Ivana Jovanovic - voice | Brankica Ivankovic - voice | Maja Martic - voice


Orchestrina Adriatica (Italy)

Music Arco di Traiano

Giovanni Seneca - flamenco guitar and knocker, compositions and arrangements | Gabriele Pesaresi - double-bass | Roberto Lucanero - accordion and melodeon | Antonella Vento - voice

Guest: Alen Abdagić (Bosnia) - voice

Project Eu.t.er.pe.'s soloists: Paul Goodman (Ireland) - lyra | Milan Savic (Serbia) - sax | Ivan Patelac (Croatia) - brac | Francesco Savoretti (Italy) - tambourine


Cinkusi (Croatia)

Music Arco di Traiano

Igor Barić - violin, flute | Marko First - violin, bagpipe | Natalia B. Radušić - mandoline | Mirko Radušić - acustic guitar | Nebojša Stijačić - electric guitar | Nikola Santro - trombone | Tihomir Kruhonja - double bass | Marko Meštrović - percussions, djembe


Booklet 2015


  • Do you want to share with us the experience of the Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo?
    We are looking for volunteers who are willing to collaborate with us from 08.16.
    Send your curriculum vitae to: logistica@adriaticomediterraneo.eu

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