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Day by day > Friday, september 4
The port at dawn

Guided Tours Starting from Porta Pia

The tour will focus on the seventeenth century restoration of the port designed by Luigi Vanvitelli and will end at the Arco Clementino from where to admire the sunrise.

The tour costs: € 5,00 per person. Minimum group: 10 people.
For info and booking: prenotazioni@opera-coop.it


Egypt between fundamentalism, political regime and freedom

Meetings Polveriera Castelfidardo

Evening with Giuseppe Acconcia
Moderator: Michela Mercuri, Professor of the department of Contemporary history of Mediterranean countries at the Macerata University

What is really happening in Egypt? Cairo still finds itself in the middle of a difficult exit post Mubarak, the objectives of the groups affiliated to the Islamic State and the theatre of a difficult debate between repression and a yearning for freedom.

Giuseppe Acconcia, journalist, writer and specialised researcher on the Middle East is the correspondent for the newspaper Il Manifesto. He is also the reporter for Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan and other surrounding areas.

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Evening with History: Franco Cardini

Meetings Loggia Dei Mercanti

Presented by Giancarlo Galeazzi

Franco Cardini, Florentine, historian of international fame and one of the most important Italian experts of history – and of the stories – of the Mediterranean. The sea acts as the scene of collisions but also of encounters between cultures and religions that, from the Medieval period onwards and after the discovery of lines that bring together the shores of the Mediterranean Basin, lines made up of commerce, relationships and shared ideals.
An evening to talk about the great battles and economic and cultural links that have, forever, crossed the waves of the sea.

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Readings with Alessia Raccichini
Carmelina. Blue heart. Heart of salt.

Meetings Mole Vanvitelliana – Sala Incontri

Alessia Raccichini works in the world of performance and communicative arts. Actress, storyteller and copywriter, she is also author of various short stories, short plays and narrative texts for the commemorative history of places.


Sossio Banda in concert

Music Arco di Traiano

Francesco Sossio - sax, clarinet, traditional woodwind | Loredana Savino - voice | Tommaso Colafiglio - strings | Pasquale Barberio - accordion | Francesco Leoce - acustic bass | Michele Marrulli - drums, tamburine

A concert of great variety that brings together distant worlds in space and in time, performing once more with a modern sensitivity, the great heritage of the popular Puglia music.
The original pieces proposed by the Sossio Banda, recall the acoustics and traditional harmonies enriched by the contribution of musicians of different backgrounds: an innovative Mediterranean sound is sprung forth, capable of varying these overwhelming percussive and melodic rhythms with sounds of great intensity.

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21:00 ↓ 23:00
Other Fields

Cinema Polveriera Castelfidardo

A selection of documentaries from Terra di Tutti Film Festival.
Terra di tutti Film Festival sponsored by the GVC Bologna, every year presents documentaries on social themes, coming from the south of the world and turns the spotlight on forgotten conflicts, struggles for the rights and protection of natural resources.


Mario Leombruno, Luca Romano | Italy | 2013 | 26’

Giugliano, Italy, behind an iron sheet fence, 400 Rom reside, in the middle of an area known as the symbol of the environmental disaster in Campania. Just three centimetres of tarmac and gravel separate the settlement from the land on which, over the years, both legal and illegal rubbish has accumulated.

Container 158

Stefano Liberti, Enrico Parenti | Italy | 2013 | 60’

The daily stories of the inhabitants of the “villaggio attrezzato” on Via di Salone, a camp in which Rome’s administratives have regrouped more than 1000 citizens of Rom ethnicity.

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C'Mon Tigre in concert

Music Corte della Mole Vanvitelliana

C'MON TIGRE - synth, bass, guitars, voices | Beppe Scardino, Mirko Cisilino, Henkjaap Beeuwkes, Federico Pierantoni - brass | Pasquale Mirra, Marco Frattini - vibes, percussions

n ensemble that came together in the Mediterranean Basin and whose music has touched worldwide. Their sounds born from an interest in Africa and one that wants to speak to the world, the group has a mysterious formation. It’s not easy to say where C’mon Tigre comes from, the group changes shape, voices and sounds at every appearance, an open construction site that produces hynoptic acoustics, middleeastern dance.
By their own admission, C’mon Tiger make music based on repetitive riffs and minimal approach, with, however, maximalist and cosmopolitan attitude, between guitars, analog drum machines, accordions and brass section that, they promise, “fanno ballare i serpenti“.
It’s not jazz nor is it world music, it’s not space rock but: the roar of many souls – “C’mon Tigre is a collective of Souls” –, worldly, harmonized, unique.

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The composers of the shores. from Genova to Trieste
Duo Magnasco – Cardinale

Music Loggia Dei Mercanti

Alessandro Magnasco - piano | Andrea Cardinale - violin

A greatly experienced duo with a history of over 700 concerts on their backs, perform a classical repertoire of Vivaldi, Tartini, Paganini – confronting each other with the dynamism of the coast. From their interpretive research and devotion to philological studies, comes forth an impeccable structure of great audience participation, thanks to the dynamism and the sophisticated perfomance of the duo.

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Adriatico Mediterraneo Party: Capibara Live set

Music Lazzabaretto

In collaboration with ARCI Ancona.

Capibara, project by Roman Luca Albino (one of the founders of the independent electronic collective - White Forest Records), one of the leading name of the Italian electronic scene.
Capibara is a sensitive soul, disguised as a nerd who finds refuge behind songs in which, beyond the mirror of electronic sound, garage futurisms, urban rhythms and African influences, the lines and pop horizons are hidden.

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Booklet 2015


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