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Day by day > Thursday, september 3
18:00 ↓ 20:00
Stories of stones and races

Cinema Polveriera Castelfidardo

A selection of documentaries from Terra di Tutti Film Festival.
Terra di tutti Film Festival sponsored by the GVC Bologna, every year presents documentaries on social themes, coming from the south of the world and turns the spotlight on forgotten conflicts, struggles for the rights and protection of natural resources.


N. Grignani, V. Testagrossa, A. Zambelli, A. Mussolini, L. Scaffidi | Italy, Palestine | 2013 | 60’

Night time, an almost indescribable event is taking place: dozens of sheep have washed up on the shore of Gaza City’s main beach.

Sacred Stones

Laila Higazi, Muayad Alayan | Palestine | 2013 | 53’

The natural stone is the most requested Palestinian natural material. Inside the villages, refugee camps and the city, the conditions in which it is extracted cause great environmental, social and health problems, all whilst the voices of the Palestinian people remain unheard.

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Evening with Giulio Giorello
“Reasons of word”, IX edition dedicated to “Love”: The Mediterranean as seat of approval of solidarity

Meetings Loggia Dei Mercanti

Knowledge and solidarity towards a pacific coexistence between cultures
Presented by Giancarlo Galeazzi

Giulio Giorello is world renowned epistemologist, tenured professor of the Philosophy of Science at the State University of Milan, author of dozens of essays. He has recently published the volumes on “Il tradimento: in politica, in amore e non solo” and “Lussuria, la passione della conoscenza”. Also of particular interest: “Con intelligenza e amore. Ricerca e carità”, with Carlo Maria Martini (2015), “La lezione di Martini. Quello che da ateo ho imparato da un cardinale” (2013).

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Presentation of “Tremaggio”. The flood in Senigallia in a story told by nine writers.

Meetings La Feltrinelli – Outside

Edited by Antonio Maddamma

What really happened the morning of the 3rd of May 2014 in Senigallia? Where did that mud come from and what did it covered and what did it took away? A book that tries to tell the story of that tragedy with narrative tools and to tackles the complex reality using the fictitious tale.

The collected works contain the stories by Andrea Bacianini, Leonardo Badioli, Enrico Carli, Catherine Cipolat, Pelagio D’Afro, Paolo Mirti, Mariangela Paradisi, Luca Rachetta e Andrea Valenti. The collection, along with photographs by Mirko Silvestrini, includes a contribution by Massimo Cirri and his proceeds are donated helping the victims of the flood in Senigallia.

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“#milionidipassi”: A possible bridge for moving populations

Conferences Mole Vanvitelliana – Sala Convegni

Conference by Medici Senza Frontiere

To leave ones own country, ones own home, to have to leave for fear of being killed. To have to walk for days, weeks, months in the desert or in the snow, or to have to cross the rough sea in a boat in order to look for a safe place. This nightmare is the reality for more than 51 million people in the world, forced to make hundreds of steps toward survival: 16 million of these are refugees, more than 33 million displaced people and around 1.2 million are asylum seekers. Those who take charge of these: #milionidipassi by Medici Senza Frontiere.

Presented by Loris De Filippi President of MSF Italia, Stefano Galieni Coordinator of the Corriere delle Migrazioni, Giovanni Lattanzi President of the GUS, moderator Linda Cittadini journalist at ÉTV Marche.

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Anima Equal in concert

Music Arco di Traiano

Dejni (Dine) - voice, acoustic guitar | Guido Giacconi - lead guitar | Gianfranco Ruggeri - rhythm guitar | Henry Ballante - bass, harmonica | Andrea Rogati - drums | Sene Papambaye - percussion | Badu Diagne - percussion

Anima Equal is a project founded by Italian and Senegalese musicians in the Marche’s hinterland: a mixture of est africans and mediterranean rythms; a clean, powerful and engaging sound that creates a multicultural music-lab which unites ethno, blues, funky, reggae in a mix they called Afrosoul.

The night will go ahead with Caffè Del Teatro / Stockfish and music by Dj Alpha

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“Young Syrian Lenses – Media Attivisti in Aleppo”

Cinema Polveriera Castelfidardo

A movie by Ruben Lagattolla, Filippo Biagianti | Documentary | Syria, June 2014 | 52’

The movie will be introduced by the director Ruben Lagattolla.

Since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, rebels in freed Aleppo continue their untiring work as reporters in the television network HalabNews.com. Through interviews and testimonies of media activists, confirmed by episodes experienced directly from the camera, the viewer is thrown into the daily reality alongside the young reporters.
A look at the human condition of the civil population, without images of journalistic impact on strategy and military operations.

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Antonella Ruggiero & Maurizio Di Fulvio Group “Concerto Versatile”

Music Corte della Mole Vanvitelliana

Antonella Ruggiero - voice | Maurizio Di Fulvio - guitar | Renzo Ruggieri - accordion | Ivano Sabatini - double-bass | Walter Caratelli - percussion

The most eclectic voice of Italian music sings the Mediterranean together with one of the most important avant-garde groups on the international scene. “Concerto Versatile” reshapes, in a unique evening the edges of music, building bridges between genres and memories: classical and modern find a new balance in the voice of Antonella Ruggiero and in the finesse of the Maurizio Di Fulvio group in a repertoire reinvented especially for the Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival.
Jazz, classical and contemporary songs are added to a reinterpretation of the music related to the maritime tradition, with an eye to the Klezmer sounds.

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Duo Patria Ballario in concert

Music Loggia Dei Mercanti

Sergio Patria - cello | Elena Ballario - piano

The duo made up of Sergio Patria and Elena Ballario, marks in 2015, the 28 years of continued work.
Innovation and experience have brought the two to perform in the main concert halls in Italy and Europe. The group play their classical repertoire, inedited compositions and specially written recordings by Elena Ballario performed exclusively by the duo.

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