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Day by day > Wednesday, september 2
We, playing for the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion 2015 – 4th International trophy for young footballers


The event has a chiefly sports and recreational feel. “Us, playing” means that young people want to feel a part of the process in the construction of the Macroregion. They are in play because they go out on the field with all of their strength, passion, with the right preparation, ideals and expectations.


> 9.00   guided tour of the city

> 11.00   meeting with the young people and the representatives of the institutions about AI Macroregion

> 15.30   final phase of the football tournament
  - Stadio Dorico

> 18.00   Awards Ceremony

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18:00 ↓ 20:00
DOC Zone

Cinema Polveriera Castelfidardo

A selection of documentaries from Terra di Tutti Film Festival.
Terra di tutti Film Festival sponsored by the GVC Bologna, every year presents documentaries on social themes, coming from the south of the world and turns the spotlight on forgotten conflicts, struggles for the rights and protection of natural resources.

The Human Horses

Rosario Simanella, Marco Landini | Italy | 2013 | 54’

Spring 2012, in the neglected Indian capital of Calcutta, a city of some 16 million souls, Ibrahim, Ram and Raju tread the streets, barefoot, across the dusty tarmac pulling along their cart.

Quello che resta

Antonio Martino | Bosnia, Italy | 2014 | 50’

Some twenty years after one of the most dramatic conflicts in the Balkans, the destruction of the Old Bridge of Mostar, seven men, each one more different from the last, carry out their life in the city, as we know it today, without ever meeting one another but each of them have in common a small piece of their past.

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Award Ceremony for the 2015 Adriatic Mediterranean Prize to Paolo Rumiz
Program dedicated to the First World War

Events Segretariato Iniziativa Adriatico Ionica

Writer and journalist but above all traveller, Paolo Rumiz has crossed, on numerous occasions, the many frontiers of the Mediterranean Sea, telling the tales of the places and the people that inhabit them.
An attentive eye has helped him capture the men and women that encompass the history of Europe and the Near East.


Anissa Gouizi in concert

Music Arco di Traiano

Anissa Gouizi - voice | Gionni Di Clemente - oud, guitar | Emilio Marinelli - piano | Francesco Savoretti - percussions | Giacomo Dominici - double-bass

Italy and Algeria join and mix themselves in voice and sounds of Anissa Gouizi. Lyrics and melodies in various languages and sounds which goes from Italian to French and Arabic show her will to tell and to tell about herself with particular attention to the aspect of the journey and the migration, whether it is real or just a state of mind.

The night will go ahead with Caffè Del Teatro / Stockfish and music by Dj Alpha

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Evening with Paolo Rumiz
Program dedicated to the First World War

Meetings Corte della Mole Vanvitelliana

Presented by Sergio Sparapani

Memories and lessons from the First World War told, at first hand, by Paolo Rumiz, who in his travels has crossed more times frontiers that, a century ago, have become frontlines between countries at war, putting himself in the shoes of those who in ‘15 were catapulted into the “senseless slaughter” that changed Europe and the world forever. What is left of those bloodbaths? What lessons have been learned and which, rather, have been forgotten, a century after Italy’s entrance in the Great War? These are the questions asked before setting off on a trip of discovering places, people and their stories.

Paolo Rumiz writer and journalist, was sent off by Trieste’s Il Piccolo and as editorial journalist for La Repubblica. He has travelled at great length across Europe, the Mediterranean and the East.

*The ticket also includes the show by Maurizio Casagrande

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Maurizio Casagrande in “15 Trincee 18: suoni, parole e immagini dalla Grande Guerra”
Program dedicated to the First World War

Theater and Music Corte della Mole Vanvitelliana

Maurizio Casagrande - singer-storyteller | Nicole Millo - narrator | Fabio Gemmiti - accordion | Giovanna D’Amato - cello | Sandro Gemmiti - piano

How can one narrate a tragedy of such dimensions? Music and poetry, in a criss-cross of sounds and words, give voice to what has been and is difficult to express. Thoughts, prayers, illusions, desires, emotions, fears, humanity and the horrors of the Great War: a unique and relentless evening that overwhelms humanity, told in verse and the written words of the poets who themselves lived directly through the great tragedy, with music ranging from the great classics to local folk song.

*Ticket also includes event with Paolo Rumiz

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Sacchi Patuzzi Duo - Harp And Violin

Music Loggia Dei Mercanti

Maristella Patuzzi - violin | Floraleda Sacchi - harp

A very personal and original musical journey is conducted by two musicians of ecceptional talent: Maristella Patuzzi on violin, Floraleda Sacchi on the harp. The two present a tango of an intimate and unusual poetic character – in which malincony, hope and sensuality go harmoniously hand in hand. The compositions, by Astor Piazzola, are presented to us, in an original and creative arrangement by the two musicians, between tradition and innovation, classical and jazz, improvisation and world music.

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Booklet 2015


  • Do you want to share with us the experience of the Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo?
    We are looking for volunteers who are willing to collaborate with us from 08.16.
    Send your curriculum vitae to: logistica@adriaticomediterraneo.eu

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