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Day by day > Saturday, september 5
Evening with Davide Rondoni
“Reasons of word”, IX edition dedicated to “Love”: The Mediterranean as seat of approval of solidarity

Meetings Loggia Dei Mercanti

Tollerance and Migration: the contribution to the solidarity of religions
Presented by Giancarlo Galeazzi

Davide Rondoni, from Forlì, is one of the major contemporary Italian poets, as well as author of essays, narrative texts and plays. He founded and directed the Contemporary Poetry Centre at the University of Bologna. He currently holds courses in poetry and literature at the universities of Bologna, Milan Cattolica, Genova, Rome and also abroad at Yale and at Colombia University. He participated in the most important poetry festivals in Italy and abroad.

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“In attesa dell’onda anomala delle 15.30” - Reading by Luigi Socci

Events Mole Vanvitelliana – Sala Incontri

A poetic evening on the sea with Luigi Socci, poet and artistic director of La Punta della Lingua festival.


The Bosphorus hanging in the balance: Turkey at the crossroads

Meetings Arco di Traiano

Evening with Marta Ottaviani | Presented by Jurij Bogogna

Turkey has always been a bridge between cultures and now, more than ever, it finds itself in a precarious balance among numerous different worlds that shake within its insides: Europe and Asia, modern and tradition, secularism and religious integralism.

Marta Ottaviani, journalist from Milan, after having attended the Istituto di Formazione Giornalistica “Carlo De Martino”, has lived eight years in Turkey. She collaborated with, among others, La Stampa, Avvenire and East. She has written: Cose da Turchi and Mille e una Turchia, edited by Mursia.

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Donia Massoud in concert

Music Arco di Traiano

Ali Abdelaziz - darbuka | Nabil Ghannouchi - nay | Donia Massoud - voice

Somewhere between music and theatre Donia Massoud rediscovers the traditions and folklores of Egypt. Born in Alexandria and soon emigrated to Cairo, Donia Massoud has travelled her country at length, at the scope of finding the most authentic roots in popular culture. With her group of musicians she has reached Europe, Asia and Africa, always bringing on stage the result of a unique and independent research on the very original musical sounds of Egypt.

During the event, a tasting of Festival Internazionale del Brodetto di Fano will be available.

The night will go ahead with Caffè Del Teatro / Stockfish and music by Dj Alpha

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Katalena in concert

Music Corte della Mole Vanvitelliana

Vesna Zornik - voice | Polona Janežič - keyboard, harmonium, percussions, voice | Boštjan Gombač - voice, clarinet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn, sax soprano, bass, ukulele, fujara, irish flute, accordion, percussion, Andes 25F | Tibor Mihelič Syed - bass, saz, ukulele, kalimba, percussion, back vocal | Boštjan Narat - guitar, banjo, percussion, voice | Robert Rebolj - drums, percussion

The most inspiring voice of contemporary Slovenian music. Six elements that bring together the research of the popular tradition with influences from rock, blues, funk and jazz music. Formed in 2001, the Katalena dug a groove through the major European festivals, thanks to their style made of the traditional mixed with electronic arrangements: out comes a unique mix of rock and post folk that transforms the stage into a show of dance and music that engages even the most disenchanted of ears.

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Duo Chaminade in concert

Music Loggia Dei Mercanti

Caterina D'Amore - flute | Antonella De Vinco - piano

Flute by Caterina D’amore and piano by Antonella De Vinco come together in a concert of exceptional quality and expression. The two musicians that come with awards and success at international level play together with a tendency towards the atmosphere and a classical nature.

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Opa Cupa in concert

Music Marina Dorica

Cesare Dell'Anna – trumpet | Irene Lungo - voice | Stefano Valenzano - bass | Mauro Tre - farfisa, synth | Rocco Nigro - accordion | Antonio De Marianis - drums | Gino Semeraro - guitar | Davide Arena - sax

Opa Cupa is the first Balkan experiment formed in Salento, it is the story of some unrepeatable testimonies, a story of immigration, a tale of travels and of departures.
The band’s artistic journey is characterized by the research into the Balkan melodies that cross each other the typical sounds of Southern Italy, they enrich each other with undertones of progressive jazz and embellished by their odd and irregular tempo, they create a perfect union between tradition and avant-garde.

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Adriatica Sound (Rankin’ Lele & Striunizzo) + Morello Selecta
Opening Bleedz

Music Piazza della Repubblica

Rankin' Lele and Striunizzo are two of the trademarks of the most influential Reggae in Salento. In their sound like in classical music there is that matured artistic baggage in an infinite repetition of beach parties, dancehall in the countryside, manor farm events and concert in local squares that have made Salento’s music scene famous worldwide. Born and raised, artistically, with the Sud Sound System, the duo is one of the most mature result of the second generation of singers and selecta Raggamuffin from Salento.


Portobello for Adriatico Mediterraneo

Music Padiglione del Retai

In collaboration with Portobello

Music, entertainment, wine and food, evening market of auto-produced and homemade products, art exhibitions: all together to close togheter Adriatico Mediterraneo 2015, late into the night, with rhythms and the different cultures of the Mediterranean.


Booklet 2015


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