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Protagonists > Simone "Gordo" Pozzi

Tuesday, September 1

Turkish Café in concert

Music Arco di Traiano

Veronica “Annie Hall” - voice, keyboard | Julián “Julico” Corradini - voice, guitar | Simone “Sus” Giorgini - voice, double-bass | Simone “Gordo” Pozzi - voice, drums | Cristiano “Doc” Giuseppetti - voice, violin, keyboard

Voice, guitar and double-bass meet and mix together in the music of a group that came from the music of the street, they go on to perform, after a very short time, at festivals and concerts of European importance. The Turkish Café, finalist on Musicultura 2015, define themselves as a subliminal electronic-acoustic band: they combine, experimenting, the beauty of the sound of acoustic instruments with the strength of their lyrics, the electronic sound, rhythm and harmonised vocals.

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