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Thursday, September 3

Antonella Ruggiero & Maurizio Di Fulvio Group “Concerto Versatile”

Music Corte della Mole Vanvitelliana

Antonella Ruggiero - voice | Maurizio Di Fulvio - guitar | Renzo Ruggieri - accordion | Ivano Sabatini - double-bass | Walter Caratelli - percussion

The most eclectic voice of Italian music sings the Mediterranean together with one of the most important avant-garde groups on the international scene. “Concerto Versatile” reshapes, in a unique evening the edges of music, building bridges between genres and memories: classical and modern find a new balance in the voice of Antonella Ruggiero and in the finesse of the Maurizio Di Fulvio group in a repertoire reinvented especially for the Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival.
Jazz, classical and contemporary songs are added to a reinterpretation of the music related to the maritime tradition, with an eye to the Klezmer sounds.

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