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Tuesday, September 1

Gianmarco Dottori in concert

Music Arco di Traiano

Gianmarco Dottori - voice, guitar | Luca Bellanova - keyboard

In collaboration with Caffè del Teatro / Stockfish

Realising he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, singer-songwriter Gianmarco Dottori decided that he will always play with a hat on his head. When he was 14 he discovered guitar, developing a natural inclination for music. In 2008 he participated at Sanremo Festival, in 2009 opened the live concert of Ligabue in Stadio Olimpico and won the Festival of Italian Author Song Prize in Isernia. In 2012, directed by Giampaolo Morelli, his first videclip come out: “Se Valerio Scanu vince Sanremo”. He took part in The Voice and in June of 2015 wins the 26th edition of Musicultura with the song “Dannata felicità”.
Now he come back to Ancona and its sea for Adriatico Mediterraneo, after the concert for the re-opening of the port.

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