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Thursday, September 3

Evening with Giulio Giorello
“Reasons of word”, IX edition dedicated to “Love”: The Mediterranean as seat of approval of solidarity

Meetings Loggia Dei Mercanti

Knowledge and solidarity towards a pacific coexistence between cultures
Presented by Giancarlo Galeazzi

Giulio Giorello is world renowned epistemologist, tenured professor of the Philosophy of Science at the State University of Milan, author of dozens of essays. He has recently published the volumes on “Il tradimento: in politica, in amore e non solo” and “Lussuria, la passione della conoscenza”. Also of particular interest: “Con intelligenza e amore. Ricerca e carità”, with Carlo Maria Martini (2015), “La lezione di Martini. Quello che da ateo ho imparato da un cardinale” (2013).

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Friday, September 4

Evening with History: Franco Cardini

Meetings Loggia Dei Mercanti

Presented by Giancarlo Galeazzi

Franco Cardini, Florentine, historian of international fame and one of the most important Italian experts of history – and of the stories – of the Mediterranean. The sea acts as the scene of collisions but also of encounters between cultures and religions that, from the Medieval period onwards and after the discovery of lines that bring together the shores of the Mediterranean Basin, lines made up of commerce, relationships and shared ideals.
An evening to talk about the great battles and economic and cultural links that have, forever, crossed the waves of the sea.

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Saturday, September 5

Evening with Davide Rondoni
“Reasons of word”, IX edition dedicated to “Love”: The Mediterranean as seat of approval of solidarity

Meetings Loggia Dei Mercanti

Tollerance and Migration: the contribution to the solidarity of religions
Presented by Giancarlo Galeazzi

Davide Rondoni, from Forlì, is one of the major contemporary Italian poets, as well as author of essays, narrative texts and plays. He founded and directed the Contemporary Poetry Centre at the University of Bologna. He currently holds courses in poetry and literature at the universities of Bologna, Milan Cattolica, Genova, Rome and also abroad at Yale and at Colombia University. He participated in the most important poetry festivals in Italy and abroad.

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