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Protagonists > Claudio Mercanti

Sunday, August 30

19:00 ↓ 00:00
Al Mashrah Within the project “Una Piazza per Vallemiano”

Events Casa delle Culture

> h 19.00

Graphic News: The today’s world told in comics.

Graphic News is the first digital information native portal made in comics, capable of exploiting the potential of Web to provide a very original experience of reading. The Editorial Staff will be present at the meeting to illustrate this innovative project.
Presented by Jacopo Frey

> h 20.00

Ethnic dinner based on Lebanese specialties.

Booking mobile: +39 339 4507203

> h 21.00

“How do you imagine Ancona?”

To entertain and to inform in view of OpenSpaceTecnology of 26th September dedicated to Piano Strategico - StrategicAncona

> h 22.00

Centilene, oil and candlelight - lullabies between the Mediterranean and Central Europe

“Non Canto per Cantare”, in collaboration with HxP

Antonella Vento and Alen Abdagić - voice | Daniele Streccioni - accordion | Giovanni Spinozzi - guitar | Paola Pancotti and Mauro Balducci - flutes and sax | Claudio Mercanti - viola | Glauco Guerra - bass

The “centilena” was the acetylene carbide lamp which replaced in the recent past, oil illumination and use of candlelight in the countryside. A program of songs related to the female universe that comes from social exclusion and contradictions of an intense and exclusive relationship such as mother-son. A nocturnal setting and short dance performances will improve the atmosphere.

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