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Protagonists > Associazione Artistica Culturale Arcadia

Sunday, August 30

Mediterraneum. Centro del Mondo

Exhibitions Mole Vanvitelliana - Entrance from Infopoint

Edited by Associazione Artistica Culturale Arcadia. The Mediterranean as a cradle and a crossroads of different cultures, is the main theme of painting and sculpture. A survey about our origins, about what has built our cultural identity and heritage.

Opening hours:

From 18:00 to 22:00.
Closed on Mondays.

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Adriatico Mediterraneo Exhibition’s opening

Events Mole Vanvitelliana - Entrance from Infopoint

Southeast Europe: people and cultures.

An exhibition presented by the European Commission D.G. Neighborhood policy and enlargement negotiations (NEAR)

Eco de Femmes.

Edited by GVC


Edited by Medici Senza Frontiere

Merci, genti, mare.

Edited by Matteo Tacconi and Ignacio Maria Coccia in collaboration with Ruben Lagattolla

Mediterraneum. Centro del Mondo.

Edited by Associazione Artistica Culturale Arcadia


Booklet 2015


  • Do you want to share with us the experience of the Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo?
    We are looking for volunteers who are willing to collaborate with us from 08.16.
    Send your curriculum vitae to: logistica@adriaticomediterraneo.eu

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