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Thursday, September 3

Presentation of “Tremaggio”. The flood in Senigallia in a story told by nine writers.

Meetings La Feltrinelli – Outside

Edited by Antonio Maddamma

What really happened the morning of the 3rd of May 2014 in Senigallia? Where did that mud come from and what did it covered and what did it took away? A book that tries to tell the story of that tragedy with narrative tools and to tackles the complex reality using the fictitious tale.

The collected works contain the stories by Andrea Bacianini, Leonardo Badioli, Enrico Carli, Catherine Cipolat, Pelagio D’Afro, Paolo Mirti, Mariangela Paradisi, Luca Rachetta e Andrea Valenti. The collection, along with photographs by Mirko Silvestrini, includes a contribution by Massimo Cirri and his proceeds are donated helping the victims of the flood in Senigallia.

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