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Conference with Andrea Angeli, author of “Kabul-Roma, andata e ritorno (via Delhi)” (Publishing company Rubbettino)

Introduction by Vincenzo Varagona, journalist.

Andrea Angeli’s stories are narrated and experienced in first person: they are a sort of diary, with names and episodes described meticulously, anecdotes, unknown facts and curious controversial happenings, technical notes. Andrea Angeli is an exper...

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Release of the marine turtle


The marine turtle is one of the symbols of the Adriatic Sea, which has become the ideal environment for its nutrition and growth, in spite of the many human impacts threatening its survival. Every year many turtles are found dead or wounded. They ar...

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“The right to be woman”. Conference with Asma Barlas and Viviana Mazza

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world

Curated by Le Marche Region Ombudsman and the Regional Legislative Assembly.
Introduction by Meri Marziali, President of the Commission on Equal Opportunities of Le Marche Regional Government Marche.

Women’s rights are often denied in many different ways across the world: the right to their own body, the right to work. Asma Barlas, American political expert of Pakistani origin specialized in international policy, Islam and Koran hermeneutic, dia...

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Conference with Alessandro Orsini, author of “Isis. I terroristi più fortunati del mondo e tutto ciò che è stato fatto per favorirli” (Publishing company Rizzoli)

Introduction by Sergio Sparapani, journalist.

After studying deeply the lives and the profiles of the terror attacks perpetrators in the US and in Europe, from the subway of London to Paris in 2015, Alessandro Orsini gives an unexpected view of the origin and development of the Islamic State: th...