Conference with Alessandro Orsini, author of “Isis. I terroristi più fortunati del mondo e tutto ciò che è stato fatto per favorirli” (Publishing company Rizzoli)

Introduction by Sergio Sparapani, journalist.

After studying deeply the lives and the profiles of the terror attacks perpetrators in the US and in Europe, from the subway of London to Paris in 2015, Alessandro Orsini gives an unexpected view of the origin and development of the Islamic State: the IS is the luckiest terrorist organization in the world.
In terms of military forces, it cannot compete with its enemies; yet it has become more and more dangerous because the countries that should have fought against it were stuck, due to fear or games to maintain the political equilibrium.

Alessandro Orsini is the Director of the Centre of Studies on Terrorism at the University “Tor Vergata” of Rome. His analyses, translated everywhere in Europe, have been published in the major international scientific journals specialized in studies on terrorism.

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