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Protection of human rights in the Adriatic and Ionian Region – “Growing up together. Unaccompanied foreign minors in Italy”

Organized by the Ombudsman for adults and children’s rights of Le Marche Region.
With Sandra Zampa, promoter of the Law 47/2017 on the measures of protection of unaccompanied foreign minors and Filomena Albano, Ombudsman for Childhood and Adolescence.

Following, asylum seekers in concert: Project S.O.U.L.
Vocals: Kelvin Ashu, Hope Idiaghe, Faith Okoror, Godspower Orunwa, Adams Sanagogo, Chukuemeka Iyare, Francis Inueonwi, Bridget Oghogho, Abigel Aysan Bridget
Kora: Kanuteh Jabel
Keyboard: Prince Kesson

A chance to understand the way unaccompanied minors arriving every year to Italy are protected: a recent law ensures their protection among the many difficulties they face. After that, S.O.U.L (acronym of Sounds of Underground Life) will be in conce...

Entrance cost: € 15,00

“La musica è pericolosa” by Nicola Piovani

In conjunction with the 6th Governing Board of the Adriatic and Ionian European Strategy (EUSAIR), under the Italian Presidency and pro tempore Presidency of the Adriatic and Ionian Initiative (IAI).
In collaboration with AMAT.

Nicola Piovani: piano
Marina Cesari: saxophone/clarinet
Pasquale Filastò: cello/guitar/mandocello
Ivan Gambini: drums and percussion instruments
Marco Loddo: double bass
Sergio Calicchio: keyboard and accordion

“La musica è pericolosa” is a music tale, told by instruments acting on the stage – piano, double bass, percussions, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, cello, accordion. Nicola Piovani tells the audience the reason why he decided to study the works of De ...

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Frida Neri (vocals) & Antonio Nasone (guitar)

A Music travel from Portugal to the South of Italy, from the Balkans to the New Continent.

Languages, sounds and diverse rhythms are the moods of human soul by which we express all the passion and beauty of music....

Entrance cost: € 10,00

Moni Ovadia & Giovanni Seneca in “Rotte Mediterranee”

Moni Ovadia: vocals
Giovanni Seneca: guitars, compositions and arrangement
Anissa Gouizi: vocals
Gabriele Pesaresi: double bass
Francesco Savoretti: Mediterranean percussions

Rotte mediterranee is a recital based on a plot of tales and folk songs from the Mediterranean area and the creative compositions of Giovanni Seneca. The Mediterranean basin is not only a geographical place, it is an atmosphere, a landscape. The sea...

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Figli di Annibale

Sandra Cattaneo (vocals) and Cosimo Gallotta (guitar)

A vocals and guitar concert of traditional songs and music, with short tales from the Mediterranean. Songs range from Jewish melodies to Arab and Spanish sounds, traditional songs from Veneto, Sardinia, gypsy songs and much more. Listen, sing along a...

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“The right to youth: Matrimonio siriano” with Laura Tangherlini and Marco Rò

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world.
With Meri Marziali, president of Equal Opportunity Commission of Le Marche Region.

A reportage of the Syrian tragedy, a travel diary of a wedding; but especially a collection of witnesses from refugees – mostly women and children – made by a couple who decided to travel through Turkish and Lebanese camps in order to help Syrian orphans in the days before their wedding.

Matrimonio siriano is a window to look out on the truth of the Syrian war and its victims. The goal of the two authors is to help Syrian children through projects like Terre des Hommes by donating copyrights. Laura Tangherlini is a journalist and pr...

Entrance cost: € 15,00

Alessio Boni in “Lo stesso mare”

Simone Campa - vocals and percussion instruments
Celeste Gugliandolo - vocals
Alessandra Osella – accordion

On the stage is represented the ambiguous and dangerous charm of the sea – a symbol of freedom and unlimited horizons, but also an unpredictable divinity capable of upsetting man’s destiny. The recital is a sort of time travel, a circumnavigation of...

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Oneiric Folk-Pop & popular things

Luigino Pallotta (accordion) - Marco Lorenzetti (percussion instruments) - Claudio Mangialardi (double bass, cello) - Adriano Taborro (guitars, ouds, mandolin, violin)

Oneiric Folk-Pop & Popular Things brings pop and traditional music together, creating a diverse acoustic live music show, from the Portuguese fado to the traditional sounds of Marche, Greece and Ireland. The result is a merging of millenary and conte...