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Cultural experiences to tackle radicalisation in jails

Organized by the Ombudsman for adults and children’s rights of Le Marche Region.

Screening of the documentary movie “Nuddu”, made in the prison of Favignana by Stefania Orsola Garello.
With Stefania Orsola Garello, actress and theatre director, and Mohammed Khalid Rhazzali, professor of sociology at Padua University and author of the essay “L’Islam in carcere” (Islam in prisons).

The documentary “Nuddo” is based on a two-year research, in which the actress Stefania Orsola Garello joined some of the inmates in the prison of Favignana in order to perform the Odyssey by Homer. This experience originates a new view on the relati...

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Presentation of “Non aspettarmi vivo” by Anna Migotto and Stefania Miretti, published by Einaudi

Jurij Bogogna talks with the authors.

Who are the boys who decide to join Daesh? What brings them to leave everything behind, the love of their mothers, girlfriends and brothers to go to war against the infidels?

After several years working on site, for the first time two Italian journalists speak out on behalf of a generation «in a precarious balance between Europe and Daesh». Anna Migotto was born in Friuli; she is a journalist and film maker. Special envo...

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“The right to youth: Matrimonio siriano” with Laura Tangherlini and Marco Rò

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world.
With Meri Marziali, president of Equal Opportunity Commission of Le Marche Region.

A reportage of the Syrian tragedy, a travel diary of a wedding; but especially a collection of witnesses from refugees – mostly women and children – made by a couple who decided to travel through Turkish and Lebanese camps in order to help Syrian orphans in the days before their wedding.

Matrimonio siriano is a window to look out on the truth of the Syrian war and its victims. The goal of the two authors is to help Syrian children through projects like Terre des Hommes by donating copyrights. Laura Tangherlini is a journalist and pr...

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Alessio Boni in “Lo stesso mare”

Simone Campa - vocals and percussion instruments
Celeste Gugliandolo - vocals
Alessandra Osella – accordion

On the stage is represented the ambiguous and dangerous charm of the sea – a symbol of freedom and unlimited horizons, but also an unpredictable divinity capable of upsetting man’s destiny. The recital is a sort of time travel, a circumnavigation of...

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Selection of short movies from Terra di Tutti Film Festival

With representatives from GVC Marche and the journalist Pierfrancesco Curzi.

SYRIE, LA RÉVOLUTION CONFISQUÉE by Paul Moreira, France | 2017 | 52' Come è stato possibile che la rivoluzione siriana moderata e democratica sia stata sostituita dalla guerra jihadista? Paul Moreira incontra un gruppo di combattenti dell'Esercito ...

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Oneiric Folk-Pop & popular things

Luigino Pallotta (accordion) - Marco Lorenzetti (percussion instruments) - Claudio Mangialardi (double bass, cello) - Adriano Taborro (guitars, ouds, mandolin, violin)

Oneiric Folk-Pop & Popular Things brings pop and traditional music together, creating a diverse acoustic live music show, from the Portuguese fado to the traditional sounds of Marche, Greece and Ireland. The result is a merging of millenary and conte...