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“Turkish things! Freedom of speech”. With Asli Erdogan and Marco Ansaldo

Diritti e Rovesci. The protection of human rights in a changing world.
Organized by the Ombudsman for adults and children’s rights of Le Marche Region.
Introduction by Andrea Nobili.

Asli Erdogan will be awarded with the Adriatico Meditarraneo 2017 prize.

Asli Erdogan was born in Istanbul and she is one of the leading representatives of Turkish literature: she is author of novels, articles, tales and poems. Her works are translated in more than ten languages. She has been in support of the Kurdish ca...

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Moni Ovadia & Giovanni Seneca in “Rotte Mediterranee”

Moni Ovadia: vocals
Giovanni Seneca: guitars, compositions and arrangement
Anissa Gouizi: vocals
Gabriele Pesaresi: double bass
Francesco Savoretti: Mediterranean percussions

Rotte mediterranee is a recital based on a plot of tales and folk songs from the Mediterranean area and the creative compositions of Giovanni Seneca. The Mediterranean basin is not only a geographical place, it is an atmosphere, a landscape. The sea...

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A selection of short movies about social issues, in collaboration with PigrecoZen FilmFest

I'VE JUST HAD A DREAM, by Javi Navarro
ONE DAY IN JULY, by Hermes Mangialardo
AUSTERITY, by Renos Gavris
SIGNATURE, by Kei Chikaura
TO KYMA - A RESCUE IN THE AEGEAN SEA, by Arantza Diez and David Fontseca

Projections are in the original language with English subtitles.

I'VE JUST HAD A DREAM by Javi Navarro, Spain | 2014 | 7'25" Irene is 8 years old and wakes up after a bad dream. ONE DAY IN JULY by Hermes Mangialardo, Italy | 2015 | 2'12" A kid plays with sand on a beach as any day in Gaza. AUSTERITY by Reno...

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Figli di Annibale

Sandra Cattaneo (vocals) and Cosimo Gallotta (guitar)

A vocals and guitar concert of traditional songs and music, with short tales from the Mediterranean. Songs range from Jewish melodies to Arab and Spanish sounds, traditional songs from Veneto, Sardinia, gypsy songs and much more. Listen, sing along a...