'O Rom feat. Daniele Sepe - Influenze Balcaniche (Balkan Influences)

Daniele Sepe - saxophone
Carmine D'Aniello - vocals and guitars
Carmine Guarracino - guitar
Emidio Ausiello - percussion instruments
Nino Conte - accordion
Patrizio Catalano - drum
Roberto Caccavale - double bass
Carmen Famiglietti - gipsy dance

A live concert in which the gipsy language of the accordion merges with the jazz melodies of the sax and the Mediterranean sounds of the frame drums; a triumph of different rhythms alternating with gipsy rumbas.

The core of this show is contamination: the union of diverse artistic and cultural heritages that are still able to merge; the world music from Naples and the street music of Roma people.

The result is a mix of creative, rhythmic, suggestive and captivating sounds; the typical music from the South of Italy, the Balkans and the Roma culture; the unique sound of Daniele Sepe’s saxophone and of his “ethnic jazz” embraces rhythms and melodies from Eastern European folk traditions.

If you don’t live entangled in fears, if you love to dance out in the street, if you want to sweat, laugh and love all night long… this concert is right for you.

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