The Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival is something more than just an artistic event.
It is a matter of cultural identity of our territory and of its chief town, Ancona.
The Festival is indeed part of a cultural project, of international extent, which aims to help drawing new scenarios of integration and cohesion, through the dialogue between the Countries of the Adriatic-Mediterranean basin and the Balkan Area.

The idea is that of a "diffuse" cultural comparison and exchange, which could represent a variety of artistic expressions but, above all, which would be able to realize and reinforce territorial networks of cultural cooperation. In a world which moves continuously, where the relationships with the other represents the capability to express a social and jointly liable democracy, culture plays a fundamental role. It is an extraordinary means of social comprehension and inclusion.

The call to the Adriatic and the Mediterranean is the key element of the project.
The Mediterranean can be thought of as a "big space", a strategic resource and a privileged place of cooperation, which includes also those Countries, like the ones of the Balkan Area, which, historically, have some relationships with this sea.
As Fernand Braudel said, there is not only one Mediterranean culture: there are a lot of them inside only one Mediterranean sea. It is a sea which, during its history, allowed the- not always easy- meeting between different cultures: Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

It is a sea, however, which join us together and does not separate us and which helps the process of European integration.

We do all that with the ambition and the conviction that we can promote culture and international cooperation in a new way, by giving our region the possibility to reinforce its territorial relationships and its international and jointly liable dimension.