How is our sea – A day dedicated to projects to protect the Adriatic Sea


17.00 > Workshop on “Adriatic+: sharing managing experiences of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Adriatic Sea”.
Greeting of the Authorities, introduction by Claudio Zabaglia - Department for Environment of Le Marche Regional Government.
Speakers: the representatives of the European countries that participate in the Adriatic+ project.
Adriatic+ Europa

18.30 > Communication of the “Results of the satellite monitoring of ‘Wave’, the marine turtle released on July 31, 2016”.
Introduction by Sauro Pari - Fondazione Cetacea Riccione.
Speaker: Prof. Paolo Luschi - University of Pisa.

21.15 > Conference on “The importance of volunteers in the characterization and monitoring of marine biodiversity.”
Introduction by Marco Zannini - Conero Regional Park and Carlo Cerrano - UNIVPM Disva.
Speakers: UNIVPM, Conero Regional Park, Park of San Bartolo; Sentina natural reserve, Associazione Reef Check Italia, Diving Seawolf and Subtridente.

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