Conference with Francesca Ghirardelli, author of “Solo la luna ci ha visti passare” (Publishing company, Mondadori)

Introduction by Eduardo Barberis, immigration sociologist – University of Urbino.

From Syria to Netherlands, this is Maxima’s travel, a 14 years old Kurdish Syrian. Between July and August 2015, she has walked the «Balkan route» in search of a new life in Europe.
In her moving story, curated by Francesca Ghirardelli, Maxima evocates the most intimate memories of her daily life in Syria, describing the steps of the travel as a common destiny for those hundreds of thousands Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, Eritrean and other countries migrants and refugees.

Francesca Ghirardelli, freelancer journalist, has collaborated for more than ten years with many national newspapers. She collects stories of migration and of migrating peoples, especially in the Mediterranean coasts.

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