A SEA OF CULTURE | 2nd step

MACERATA | Teatro della Filarmonica
24/25 FEBRUARY 2017

Towards a common platform between institutions and cultural operators in the Adriatic Ionian Macro-region

In April 2016 many cultural operators of the Adriatic Ionian Macro-region found themselves for the first time at Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona withinthe “Adriatico” project to put the basis for a stable partnership in the cultural sector in the Adriatic Ionian area. They exchanged their experiences and ideas and started a discussion on some key issues such as audience development, marketing, promotion and fundraising.

The second edition of "A Sea Of Culture", which coincides with the final event of “Adriatico” project, intends to take a step forward compared to the conclusions of the seminar held in Ancona, in order to share a stable and cooperative platform of collaboration between institutions and operators on some issues that principally regard the enhancement of cultural heritage, through the work started time ago about the latest innovations in this field, and the increasing of youth employment. The main important themes will be:

• Innovative technologies for development and promotion of cultural patrimony
• new models of storytelling and cultural content
• innovative models in setting up museum exhibitions and show the history and memory of the productive fabric
• the overcoming of the outdated division among the field of goods and the cultural activities
• new relations between cultural heritage and tourism


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